January 15, 2012

Born Pretty Store Design Templates for Nails

Born Pretty Store, my favorite online source for nail art treats, offered to send me these lovely nail stencils and I couldn't wait to try them! A package of these design templates comes with 10 different designs, 9 are pictured above. The package of 10 different designs is super inexpensive too, it only costs about $4!!

Closer shots of the designs. I think the ones in the top picture, all the way on the left, might be my favorites. I also like the sunburst design below, all the way on the right.

Now, I used the 10th design, a flower, for my first attempt at using these. The flower is probably the most complicated of all of these designs, and I really should have picked an easier one. The flower has all different pieces- a stem, 6 petals, two leaves, and the middle of the flower. This makes all kinds of different places for me to mess up this design LOL. But, along the way, I learned some tips for using the Born Pretty Store stencils that I want to share with you.

I used OPI Sparrow Me The Drama for my base coat and NYC Blackula for the flower. Now, my tips for using these:

  • Make sure your base polish is COMPLETELY, 160% DRY. If it is not, you will take the base coat off when you remove the stencil. This is why I have no pinkie finger in these pictures.
  • Make sure the polish you use for the design is COMPLETELY, 200% DRY before you peel off the stencil. I obviously did not, hence the smudging of the petals.
  • I would cut the edges of the stencils down. I found that the stencil would not lay flat on my nail when part of the edge was over my finger. This made the petals look smudged because the stencil wasn't actually touching my nail.
  • The package suggests sticking the stencil to your hand first, like you would do with scotch tape when using it for nail art. However, I didn't think these were very sticky to begin with. When I stuck them to my hand first, they wouldn't stick to my nail.

I think if you follow these tips, and maybe if I follow my own tips, your design will come out awesome!! I will be posting the sunburst design next and I think it will come out better, as it doesn't have so many little pieces in the design. Most of my problem here was caused by my impatience and inability to wait until thing are dry.

 Overall, I think these nail art stencils are adorable!! They are an easy way to get cool nail art looks without being too talented at nail art. As long as you can wait for polish to dry, you can do amazing looks with these stencils. I can't wait to try the sunburst pattern. I was thinking of doing sunset colors for it too, like an orange sun on a yellow base!!

These Design Templates for Nails are available now on the Born Pretty Store website. They are listed under the Nail Art Stamping category, here is the direct link. And remember, for 10% off at Born Pretty Store, enter code ERJ61.

These stencils were sent to me for review by a representative for Born Pretty Store. OPI Sparrow Me the Drama and NYC Blackula were also sent for review by PR agents for their respective companies. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.

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