January 9, 2012

Zoya True Collection Feels Like a Warm Breeze!

I wanted to get the swatches of the Zoya True Spring 2012 collection up before they are officially available for sale tomorrow. This collection really screams spring to me. It kind of helped that the day I swatched them was very spring-like, warm breezes and sunshine were out for most of the time I spent swatching! There is definitely hope that winter will come to an end. If you need more encouragement to get through the winter, look at the lovely spring polishes! 

First up, we have Zoya Lotus. Lotus is a gorgeous medium purple with large pink shimmer particles.  I REALLY love this finish that Zoya is doing with this large, very visible shimmer. They just call this a "metallic", but you can really see all of the shimmer particles. Metallics usually have very smooth, flat shimmer that provides an overall frostier feeling. This finish is much cooler and more unique. They should give it a cool name, like... "Super Shimmer" or "Ultra Metallic". LOL, maybe I'll let someone else do the naming.

Above, you can see that Lotus is still beautiful in the shade and low light, but it really sparkles in the sun!!

Look at all of the pink shimmery goodness! Lotus was opaque in two coats and the formula was very good. I will comment more on the formula of all of these at the end.

Next up we have Zoya Bevin. I love this color!!! I know it may not be the most unique in the collection, but I am a sucker this kind of green every time. Bevin manages to be different than other greens like this in my collection though, so if you love this color, go ahead and get it. You won't have a dead-on dupe.

I used three coats for Bevin, although I think two would have been fine if I weren't photographing it. It seemed sheer on the first coat, and maybe a tad streaky, but the second coat really smoothed it all out and made it nicely opaque.

Zoya Tru is a darker purple with golden shimmer particles like the shimmer in Zoya Lotus. I LOVE the color of Tru!!! It's a really gorgeous deep and jewel-like purple without leaning towards the too-dark side. This is the kind of purple destined to become a favorite in my collection. I do not own anything like this, especially since the shimmer finish provides such life and depth to the polish.

I love Tru even in the shade, like below!! This was two coats for perfect opacity. I love this on my fingers, but I think this is going to be an INCREDIBLE pedi shade!!! When I finally get over my vampy pedi stage, I will put this on immediately.

Zoya Skylar has the same awesome large-particle shimmer as Tru and Lotus. You can't call a polish finish this amazing just "metallic"!!! It's so much cooler! Skylar is a dusty slate blue with silver large shimmer particles. So much awesome. Please gaze:

See what I mean about being able to see every single shimmer particle? So cool. Skylar was probably opaque in two, but I did a third coat because I wanted to really show it off in the pictures. I am kind of obsessed with this one, can you tell?

OK, so I said the sun was out for most of the time I was swatching, but unfortunately, the clouds came out for Zoya Farah. My skin looks like a very weird gray color here, so sorry about that! Farah is a beige gray creme. I found Farah to be more gray than any of the Feel/Touch colors. Those were more nudes, this had quite a bit of gray in it. It made me think of putty.

The above picture is probably the best color representation of this polish. This took three coats to be opaque. It looked very sheer on the first coat, but don't worry, it builds up well.

And the sun returned for Zoya Cho!! Cho was much more flattering on my skin tone anyway! Cho is a pale vanilla shimmer. It reminds me of real vanilla ice cream, the kind that is a little yellow, not stark white.

Cho was the least pigmented of the bunch. This is three coats and I could still see some visible nail line. I like the color on me a lot, but I think I would need four coats to really love it. I also wish this was a bit more metallic. Zoya called this a vanilla shimmer metallic, but it's not too metallic. It's more of a soft shimmer.

Overall, I love the color palette of this collection. I think Zoya always nails the spring collection colors. They do something different every year, but it still always feels just like spring. I did feel the formula of these were maybe a little thinner and more watery than Zoya polish usually is. However, they all built up to full opacity in  2-3 coats, with the exception of Cho. The thinner formula was still very easy to work with and I had no problems with it, I just thought it was worth a mention.

If you can only buy one polish from this collection, GET SKYLAR IMMEDIATELY. If you can buy a few, get Skylar, Lotus, Skylar, Tru, Bevin, Skylar, oh, and Skylar. So, I'm suggesting that you get Skylar, if you couldn't tell.

It looks like the Zoya True Collection is available to add to your cart right now on Zoya.com!!!! Go get Skylar!!

These polishes were sent to me for review by a PR agent for Zoya. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.

P.S..... Get Skylar.

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