January 22, 2012

SinfulColors Why Not? (do a crazy dance?)

SinfulColors Why Not? is a gorgeous swimming pool blue creme. Why Not? is very bright, but not neon, and nicely pigmented. It also has an extra benefit.

 The name reminds me of this song from Hilary Duff's excellent Disney film The Lizzie McGuire movie. Cinematic brilliance, I tell you. Man, I loved that movie. I think I watched it like a month ago (ok, probably kidding with that last bit) (no, I really did watch it about 5 months ago).

Anyway, back to SinfulColors Why Not?. This polish was pretty pigmented, this is two coats. It also applied pretty nicely. It was a tad streaky on the first coat, but evened out with the second. Like I say every time I review a SinfulColors polish, how can you beat $1.99 polish that applies well, only needs two coats, and is a beautiful color?? You can't!!!

So... whyyyy not? Take a crazy chance! Whyyyy not? Do a crazy dance!!! 

SinfulColors polishes are available at a Walgreens near you!


SuburbanFairy said...

Looooove this! perfect to perk up these coooold winter days we're having in the uk!

mubynicolelocke said...

Sinful has some great blues, this one is no exception!! My favorite blue ever is Fly Away from Sinful Colors

Never Enough Nails said...

Angie- I could definitely see this being a nice pick-me-up polish!!

nicnacksnails- I love Fly Away too! They do seem to make great blue polish.

fingers said...

Such a pretty blue! I love it!