January 24, 2012

NerdLacquer All of Time and Space

You all know by now what a glitter fiend I am, and I do a love unique polishes. Let me tell you, it's hard to get more unique polish than those that NerdLacquer is creating. NerdLacquer is an Etsy store selling custom-blended polish like this beauty, All of Time and Space. All of Time and Space is a seafoam green/blue base filled with very fine silver and purple glitter, medium sized silver glitter, large purple glitter and large silver hex glitter. There might even be more kinds of glitter in there too!

This is three coats of All of Time and Space and you can see a little bit of VNL. You could always layer this over a mint green or pale blue creme, but I like it alone. This applied really well and there was a ton of glitter in every brushstroke.

What sold me on this polish is the unique combination of the pale pastel green with the purple glitter. That's not a combination you see a lot and I love it! NerdLacquer's polishes have very interesting color combinations and I can see myself buying a lot of these. I also ordered Hyperspace Bypass and will be showing you that soon. Gorramit is definitely next on my list, and I think I might order it in this trio, because I want Shiny too!!

Now, it appears that All of Time and Space is currently out of stock, but if you're desperate for it before she officially restocks, I think you can order it in a set of 6 polishes of your choice. There is a note at the top of her page that she is running a little slow on orders, but mine came pretty quickly. NerdLacquers are quite a bit easier to obtain than Lynnderellas, so you should be able to get this polish if you want it!

Let me know if you decide to order anything from NerdLacquer!! I might be obsessed!!


WildHeart said...

I ordered about 15, maybe even more--I didn't count them--including this lovely color! I'm totally obsessed with Nerd Lacquer!

Never Enough Nails said...

WildHeart- I'll be ordering more this week, they are amazing! I haven't been able convince myself to take this one off to swatch Hyperspace Bypass yet!

sel said...

this is so pretty! and i L-O-V-E your nail shape. i cannot for the life of me get a nail shape that i like :(

Never Enough Nails said...

Thank you sel! This is my preferred shape and size, I like them short-ish and semi-square. It's sometimes hard to find a shape you like though! What have you tried?

april brooks said...

I still can't believe how easy this one is to apply with all of that chunky glitter. I love my NERDLACQUERS!