September 3, 2011

Fun With Layering: Wet n Wild Behind Closed Doors

If you liked Wet n Wild Behind Closed Doors yesterday, I think you'll LOVE it today. If you didn't like it, I think I can change your mind!! Today's post is Behind Closed Doors layered over two colors. First, I layered one coat of this beauty over one coat of a bright, true red, Sephora by OPI Personal Shopper. Any true red will do, another good choice would be Zoya Sooki. I love the way Behind Closed Doors looks over the red. The black jelly based of BCD makes the bright red look bloodied and deeper. The glitter doesn't pop too much against the red underneath, so it looks kind of hidden and murky. Very cool!!

Next, I obviously had to layer this over a black creme. This is two coats of Behind Closed Doors over two coats of NYC Blackula (an excellent black creme- review and pics soon!). Here, the red glitter REALLY pops out. This looks like bottle color, a really excellent Halloween look!

So, did I make your lemming for Behind Closed Doors worse? If you didn't want it, did I change your mind? LOL! I really love this over red, I can't wait to wear it as a full mani.

NYC Blackula was sent to me for review by a PR agent for NYC. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.


Sarah said...

That looks so good over black!!

Morrighani said...

Both colourways are really pretty! I likey!

Never Enough Nails said...

Sarah- I know!!! I'm loving it even more than I did yesterday!

Lo-Lo- They are! I bet it would look great over other colors as well!

fingers said...

I do like the red and black together!

elciaravi said...

I have been staking out my drugstores for this, but nobody has the WnW ON the prowl collection...lame-O's! Love the combinations you did with it.
I want this....where did you find yours, please?

JQ said...

Blackula. WIN.
I'm diggin it. I should go pick up a few bottles for sure!

BeautyBehaved said...

absolutly love it over black, looks fabulous!

<3 BB

Never Enough Nails said...

Fingers- glad you like it better :)

Iciaravi- I found mine at Harmon drugstore, they're only in CT, NY, and NJ. I am going to email Wet n Wild about availability. I'll let you know what I hear.

JQ- Blackula is the greatest name, isn't it! Great polish too!

BeautyBehaved- it really pops over black!

Magda said...

I like the red, but without the top coat, it looks better on the black

polishloving said...

Perfect over black!