September 26, 2011

Never Enough Nails Necessity: Revlon Royal Cloak

You may have noticed a significant increase in posts about drugstore polish around here lately. I personally think the drugstore polish companies ROCKED fall 2011. I had/continue to have so many drugstore polish lemmings this fall that it is really dangerous for me to walk into a drugstore. For one thing, I seem to be unable to stop purchasing Sally Hansen Insta Dri polishes. For another, I also keep buying Revlons at an astonishing pace. Revlon Royal Cloak, from the fall Masquerade collection, is one of those polishes that was destined to be mine, no matter what. Like, I would have purchased this with my last $4 on earth even if I was homeless.

 Why is this polish a Never Enough Nails Necessity? First, purple is my favorite favorite color. Anything purple has a head start on any other color. My entire room is purple. Second, it's named Royal Cloak. That is just too awesome. Third, it contains small flakies. Purple + Great Name + Flakies= Done Deal.

Royal Cloak is a blue-purple polish with small flakes of pale glitter-like material. I say glitter-like because it's not sparkly like glitter. The flakes range in size from small and round to larger irregular-shaped pieces commonly known as "flakies". The flakies get a bit lost on the nail, they are more apparent in the bottle. Even so, this is a really pretty polish.

I did have some troubles with this beauty. You can see in the picture above that my middle nail has some patchiness near the cuticle. There was some drag, both down by the cuticle AND by the tip. You definitely need to let each coat dry completely before applying the next coat. This is three-ish coats. I say "three-ish", because some nails (pointer and ring) were OK with two coats. The third coat was only needed to correct bare patches that were probably caused by me applying the second coat too quickly.

Revlon Royal Cloak is hopefully still available at a drugstore near you!


Squared Nails said...

I completely agree!!! Revlon has been rocking it lately - and I LOVE Royal Cloak. It's a NEED in my opinion!!

Beyond Blush said...

Love this on you!
I awarded you with the Classic Beauty Blog Award! I love your blog :)
You can view the award here:

Cat Ray said...

I saw this at my local Ulta and stupidly passed it by (I love purple polish). After seeing some other swatches online, I had to run out and get it. I had to search several stores, but finally managed to find it!

Lesley said...

seriously lovely polish!

Anonymous said...

This one is on the wish list! =)

Never Enough Nails said...

I can't wait to see wait they'll come out with next Emily! Maybe some cool holiday glitters?

OPI Addict- thanks for the award! I'll be checking that out shortly!

Cat Ray- I'm glad you found it! It's really gorgeous!

Me too Lesley!! I think it's my favorite Revlon since Khaki Zing!

Imfeelingnailventurous- I hope you get it! It's excellent!

Teddi said...

I love this color.....looks great on you!