September 20, 2011

NYC Black Magic Collection Lip Products (More Blackula!!)

Remember when I reviewed the nail polishes from NYC's Black Magic Limited Edition Halloween collection? I said there would be lip products named Blackula to match the nail polish? Well, here they are! There are three lipsticks and three lip glosses in this collection. The three lipsticks are pictured above. From left to right they are: Blood Red, Ghostly White, and Blackula. Below are the three lip glosses. From bottom to top they are: Blood Red, Ghostly White, and Blackula.

For reference, my skin tone is MAC NC 20 foundation right now. NC 15 in the winter. And now for the lip swatches!

Above we have Blood Red lipstick swatched all alone. This covered nicely and was quite even on the lips. These lipsticks all feel quite comfortable and not drying. Blood Red is much lighter than it looked in the tube, which is fine with me, as I don't think I could wear the dark, dried blood color it looked like in the tube. Overall, I think this is a fabulous red lipstick worthy of a more expensive brand.

Here we have Blood Red lip gloss over Blood Red lipstick. This adds extra pigment and loads of shine. I don't normally wear red lips, unless I'm in a dance show or competition, but I think I could rock this combo.

Above is Blood Red lip gloss by itself. Very subtle cherry tint. It gives that kind of "just ate a popsicle" effect that I like so much. Again, this was lighter and more wearable (for me) on the lip than it appeared in the tube.

Next up is Ghostly White Lipstick. This didn't turn my lips true white (not that I could wear true white lips...), but provided a pale frosty look. With my natural lip pigment, it looked like a very pale pink. I think if you used a lip erasing base, like MAC Lip Erase, you could get it to look more like a true white (for Halloween purposes, of course).

Above is Ghostly White lip gloss over Ghostly White lipstick. I like this! It's very pale pale pink, but super shimmery. I would wear this with a really smokey eye.

Here is Ghostly White lip gloss on it's own. It really provides a lot of shine and some very pretty rainbow-y shimmer, with not a lot of pigment. I would wear this anywhere, any day of the week. In fact, I wore this to work yesterday. This gloss lasted about 2 hours on me, which is pretty standard. I drink water constantly, so any lip product comes off on my water bottle!

Blackula lipstick (STILL LOVE THE NAME) was the only lipstick that provided a problem for me. As you can see above, it applied kind of patchy and not evenly. I tried to blend it, but it seemed to only get patchier as I blended.

Blackula lipstick with a coat of Blackula lip gloss looks much better. This combination is VERY shiny and patent-leather looking. I will definitely wear this on Halloween. It actually looked pretty cool it real life. This is definitely the shiniest black lip I have ever sported. Also, the layer of lip gloss smoothed out the patchiness of the lipstick, so it looked pretty even.

Blackula lip gloss on it's own is a little uneven and settles into lip lines. I think I would be more likely to wear the Blackula lipstick and gloss combo than either one of those on their own. They just look better together. Blackula lip gloss might look kind of cool over a really bright red. I bet it would make it look kind of vampy red.

Lastly, this is a very wearable combination, Blood Red lipstick all over the lip, with Ghostly White lipstick in the center of both the top and bottom lips.

In my opinion, the NYC Black Magic collection is a total win. Not only does it contain great products for Halloween, but it also has products that I will use year round. If you missed my reviews of the nail polishes and the eye products, check them out here and here. NYC is available in drugstores. To find a drugstore near you, visit their website.

These products were sent to me for review by a PR agent for NYC. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.

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