September 12, 2011

NYC Black Magic Collection Eye Shadow and Mascara

Continuing with my reviews of the awesome LE NYC Black Magic Halloween collection, I have the eye products for you today. The eye shadow palette (pictured above) is a fine example of great drugstore make-up. The NYC IndividualEyes palette contains four powder eye shadows, a creamy highlighter, a primer, and a foam eye shadow applicator.

As you can see, each product in the IndividualEyes palette is clearly labelled. From left to right at the top we have the Highlighter shade, All Over Lid shade, Crease shade, and second Crease shade. On the bottom, there is the Primer on the left and Highlighter on the right.

On the back of the palette, there is a handy little drawing (above) of exactly where to place your eye shadow. This is amazing for anyone who isn't quite an expert at eye make-up, or maybe you're really just getting into wearing eye shadow and want to know proper shadow placement. 

The shadows are really pigmented and smooth. They feel like much pricier shadows (I would know, LOL). They were not chalky or too powdery. I was honestly VERY impressed with the quality of these shadows. I have never tried NYC's eye shadows, and I will be seriously checking them out now that I have used these. In the above picture, I swatched the eye shadows from darkest to lightest, right to left.

Above you can see the primer (left) and highlighter (right). This is the creamy highlighter, not to be confused with the powder shadow highlighter. This creamy highlighter is perfect for using on your cheekbones, above your Cupid's bow, above the eyebrows, etc. The primer seemed very creamy, but it set quickly, leaving the perfect base for powder shadow.

This is the look from the back of the palette. Silver all over, darker in the crease, and darker still in the outer corners. These shadows blended very easily, so it was a very simple look to do. I wore this to a dance class, by the way, and my eye shadow was still perfectly intact, no creases at all, after 1.5 hours of sweating. This palette could also do a great smoky eye, if you used the darkest color along the lashline and then faded upwards toward your eyebrow. I will be trying that out next!

Now, onto my new FAVORITE daytime mascara!!!! The above picture is my naked eye. No make-up. Ewww!!!!!

Now this picture is with two coats of NYC Show Time Volumizing Mascara. SO MUCH BETTER!!! I love this mascara! I was looking for a new everyday mascara, and when I received this, I was excited to try it out. Well, not only is it easy to apply and makes my lashes look longer and fuller, but this also lasts through hours of dance class! Sweat dripping down my face for over an hour, yet this mascara stayed perfectly in place. No dripping, smearing, or flaking. I kind of couldn't believe it. Drugstore mascaras don't always last through dance class, but this is a total win!!!

This mascara appears on NYC's website, so I don't know if this is an LE mascara or not, I will try to find out. If it is, you will see me at the drugstores, buying every tube of this that they have in stock. It's my new perfect everyday mascara, go buy it now. Actually, don't, because I need to buy all the available tubes of it.

Find out where to buy NYC products on their website.

These products were sent to me by a PR agent for NYC. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.


Jel said...

lucky you :) ive been looking for a good mascara too. this one sounds promising. i would love to try it out ^_^

thanks for sharing

Never Enough Nails said...

I'm really loving this mascara Jel! Hope you can find it!