September 7, 2011

Pink Wednesday! Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Bling It On

If you like the idea of the nail polish strips/appliques that are all the rage right now, but you haven't found just the right ones for you, give the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips a try. They are the BEST nail polish strips I have tried. Before trying these, I had kind of wrote off the nail polish strips because some of them are more of a pain to apply than regular nail polish. Sally Hansen's Salon Effects changed my mind! This particular set of Salon Effects is a gorgeous pink glitter called Bling It On. Oh, it's on alright!!!

If you don't know how these are applied, Sally Hansen's website has a nifty little video that can explain it better than I can. Basically though, after shaping your nails and removing any oils from the nails, you choose the polish strips that will best fit your nails. I found that the five smallest strips were very good fits for my nails and I did not have to trim the width to fit. After choosing which strip to apply to my nail, I warmed the strip in my hands. I found this step to be REALLY helpful. Warming each strip made it more pliable for easy application, and also made it easier to remove the excess.

The next step is just peeling away the backing and protective film on the strip and applying to the nail. I used the included cuticle stick to smooth the polish strip down. I used the pointy side of the cuticle stick to puncture the excess polish strip hanging over my nail. Then, I could tear most of the excess off, leaving just a bit to file away! Voile! The finished product looks amazing, and while I'm still testing the wear-time, I have to say that this lasted through a day of cleaning the house and washing TWO cars.

I will report back with more detail about the wear of these, but so far I am impressed with the ease of application and, of course, how AMAZING this pink glitter looks!! Sally Hansen Salon Effects can be found at many drugstores, and I have seen Bling It On pretty widely available.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips were sent to me for review by a PR agent for Sally Hansen. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.


Kelly said...

cute! I got the girl flower ones for my birthday last year. I loved them! :)

Never Enough Nails said...

Those flower ones are cute Kelly! I have a few more to try, including the leopard ones :)