February 7, 2011

Polish of the Week: LA Splash Golden Seahorse

LA Splash Golden Seahorse, three coats, no flash
Just when I think I've grown tired of glitter polishes, I find a new one that makes me rediscover my glitter obsession all over again. This week, it's LA Splash Golden Seahorse. I bought this baby at Ulta a few weekends ago. I first noticed the bottle because of it's lovely combination of pale sea foam green and piles of gold glitter. Then, I picked the bottle up and saw that it was named Golden Seahorse. Done.

My mom and I love seahorses. For some reason, I think they are both adorable and also quite fascinating. Look, we even have our very own "golden" seahorse that matches this polish!

This polish is seriously gorgeous. Pale sea foam green, with a hint of baby blue, and a serious amount of gold glitter. It was a bit tough to really capture on camera, partially because of all of the light reflected by the glitter. I think the first picture captures the color well, but doesn't show you the glittery-ness. This one below with flash shows the gold flecks better, but the color is not this dark or blue.

LA Splash Golden Seahorse, three coats, with flash

Despite the amount of glitter in this polish, it felt smooth to the touch with just one coat of top coat. Removal seemed easier than usual too, I can't really explain why that would be the case though. I do not know how the LA Splash brand wears. This is my first experience with the brand and I just swatched this today. When I wear it as a full mani in the future, I'll let you know how it goes.

LA Splash Golden Seahorse, three coats, no flash

This color is so springy/summery, it really made me long for a balmy 75 degree day. I will definitely be wearing this all the time in the spring and summer. I love the combination of pale, cool-toned green/blue and warm-toned gold glitter. Very cool! I would like to try more of LA Splash's polishes. Do you have any experience with them?

LA Splash Golden Seahorse, three coats, no flash


Andreea said...

very nice color !

Deborah - Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... said...

It really is a summer color!

Never Enough Nails said...

Andreea- I love it! Sparkly and also a unique polish color.

Deborah- I think so too. It was a nice treat to swatch it amidst all the snow we have!