February 28, 2011

Qtica Smart Spa Triple Action Fresh Soak

I've been looking for a yummy smelling nail soak for awhile now, so when I ordered my 3 free Zoyas from the Facebook deal, I also picked up this Qtica Smart Spa Triple Action Fresh Soak in Lemon Dream. Personally, I LOVE good lemon scents, but they can easily go into the rotten lemon/lemon floor cleaner territory. Qtica's Lemon Dream, however, is really dreamy. It smells delicious!!! More like lemon candy than anything else. Now that I have the soak in this scent, I definitely want to buy other products from the Lemon Dream range. According to the Art of Beauty website, "the Qtica Smart Spa Lemon Dream Scent is available in lotion, shower gel, sugar scrub, mask, manicure and pedicure soaks as well as gifts sets and retail display units". Sign me up for the scrub and lotion please! If you are one of those people who just dislikes any lemon scent, the Triple Action Fresh Soak comes in about 15 different scents, so I'm sure you can find one that you love!

This soak is anti-bacterial, so it is an excellent choice to prevent infection for those of you who cut your cuticles. After soaking my nails for just a few minutes, my cuticles are very soft and ready to be pushed back. My cuticles and nails also feel nicely moisturized every time I use this soak. I never feel like there is a greasy residue on my hands after using this. They just feel soft and nice, not like there is a filmy layer of product on them. Based on Triple Action Fresh Soak's moisturizing capabilities, softening of the cuticles, and the dreamy lemon scent, I give this soak a 10/10. Next time you order from Zoya, give the Qtica Smart Spa products some love too! This one is definitely a winner.

Qtica Smart Spa Triple Action Fresh Soak is available online at Zoya.

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