February 18, 2011

NARS Desperado=LOVE

NARS Desperado, three coats, no flash

I'm currently obsessing over the entire NARS spring make-up collection, the nail polish, Desperado, possibly most of all. I only own one other NARS polish, Purple Rain (by the way, I REALLY need to take better pics of that one), but as soon as I saw the promo pictures for Desperado, I knew it would be mine. Desperado is a brass metallic finish polish with a little yellow-gold and green mixed in for good measure. NARS describes it as "Antique Brass", and really, brass is the best description I can come up with for this polish.

NARS Desperado, three coats, no flash

This is such a seriously beautiful color, especially in a spring collection. I feel like most people would put this kind of color in a fall collection, but not Francois <3. I love this color for spring though! It will be the perfect contrast to floral/pastel spring clothes. I also do not own anything like this color, although I do have an extensive collection of metallic golds and bronze colors. This is neither bronze, nor gold, so I doubt you will find a dupe for Desperado.

NARS Desperado, three coats, no flash

Desperado definitely requires three to four coats to hide the dreaded VNL, so I do wish it was a tad more pigmented. However, I got great wear out of this- four days with very little tip wear and only one small chip on my thumb. The one chip was actually my fault too, I was using my thumb to open something (bad, bad, bad!!). I still have this on right now as I write this post and honestly, I don't really want to take it off. I would also really like an eyeshadow in this color. That would be sweeeeettttt!

NARS Desperado, three coats, no flash

I give this polish a 9/10. I only took the point off because it could be a tad more pigmented for $17. Love love love this color!

NARS Desperado is available online at NARS Cosmetics and at a Sephora near you.


jaljen said...

Great colour but surprisingly poorly pigmented. 4 coats seems excessive. I'd expect a shade like that to be 3 at the complete and utter max!

JQ said...

Oh is that ever pretty! I'm really not a 3-4 coat kinda gal, but I might make an exception for ANTIQUE BRASS. LOVE!

Never Enough Nails said...

jaljen- I did three, and it looks good, I think. But, I know some people like to do very thin coats, that's why I said 3 to 4. I did probably one thin coat and two medium coats.

JQ- I totally am making an exception for antique brass!!!! I only do three coats when I photograph polish and always 2 when I wear it. But I'll be sporting this 3 coater for sure!!

Buy WoW Rogue said...

my! it looks great! reminds me of Egypt:D

Never Enough Nails said...

I've been wishing that OPI would do an Egpyt collection for awhile now! Maybe I'll pretend this is part of it LOL!