February 5, 2011

Grab Some Afternoon Delight

(I apologize for the title of this post... I watched "Anchorman" for the 87th time last weekend)

Happy Cat-urday everyone! I guess my cat is grabbing some "afternoon delight" in the form of a super cozy nap on my bed. That white towel that he's sleeping on was put on my bed specifically for him. He loves towels. If you put a towel down anywhere, he will sleep on it! We have to make sure that our clean towels go in the towel cabinet right away.

Anyway, if you're browsing your Google Reader today and have run out of new post to read, why don't you check out some new blogs? Personally, I can never have enough blogs in my reader. Check out some of my favorites, and some new blogs too!

Makeup and Beauty Blog -- this is my all-time favorite blog EVER.

Colores de Carol -- her multi-color shatter mani is crazy cool!

From A to B and Back Again -- this is a new nail blogger, awwwww remember being new? Check her out!

Libby's Pink Vanity -- Kimberly is awesome and Libby is adorable!

If you're also into fashion and fashion blogs, check out my three favorites:

The Style Rookie -- Tavi is only 14, yet wildly creative.

The Sartorialist -- I always hope that if someone took this style of picture of me on some random street, I would look 1/4th as chic as these people. Although, honestly, I am not that stylish LOL.

The Man Repeller -- you should also read this blog if you are a fan of laughing. She makes me laugh every 5 seconds of her posts. Even her copyright statement is hilarious.

I have a hand cream review coming a bit later as well, for those of you who, like myself, currently reside in an area with an Arctic weather pattern.

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