October 1, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Polishes

I got a seriously GIGANTIC amount of make-up from MAC's Venomous Villains collection. I am a huge MAC fan, but I also really love Disney movies and the villains in them. I wish this collection had included Jafar from Aladdin and Ursula from The Little Mermaid (my two favorite villains). However, the collection still rocked and it contains something for everyone.

Let's move on to what you want to see-- the nail polishes! FYI, I've read about the Orly dupes for MAC Formidable! and Mean and Green, but after my Orly Cosmix experience, I decided to go for the MAC versions.

MAC Mean and Green, three coats, sunlight

First up is Mean and Green. I LOVE this!!! This is what I wished Orly Space Cadet was, but for me, Space Cadet did not work out. I'm over it now though, thanks to Mean and Green. This is a gorgeous pink/green/gold-ish multichrome. It is a bit sheer, but three coats looked just beautiful. It looks more sheer in the sunlight pictures than it did in real life. This is one of those polishes you can't stop staring at.

MAC Mean and Green, three coats, shade

MAC Formidable!, three coats, no flash

Formidable! is another winner in my opinion. This is the one that has the other Orly dupe. Formidable! is a brown and blue duochrome that was really hard to capture in pictures. It kinda looks more like sparkly brown in my pictures, but look at the bottle-- it's blue! That's how this polish is in person, it's brown, then changes to blue-brown when you move your hand. If you own MAC blue-brown pigment, Club eye shadow or even Burmese Beauty eyeshadow, you have an idea of what this polish is like. Very cool for fall and super interesting to stare at.

MAC Formidable!, three coats, no flash

MAC Bad Fairy, three coats, shade

Bad Fairy is the polish in this collection that has no purported dupe. It was also very hard to take a good picture of. The weather was cloudy and starting to rain when I took these, so I might try to retake them in sunlight. If you look at the bottle, you can see the gold flashes in the polish. This is such a pretty red/pink/gold multichrome. I'm never a huge fan of reds and pinks, but the gold flash in this really makes it special.

MAC Bad Fairy, three coats, shade

MAC Bad Fairy, three coats, kind of sunlight

Overall, I love these three polishes together. I hated my bottle of Orly Space Cadet, so these satisfied my lemming for the Orly Cosmix. Bad Fairy definitely has no dupe, so grab that if you can find it! I think these are sold out online though, so check your MAC counter/store or websites like Macy's and Nordstrom.


Zara said...

I love them! Mean and Green is totally my favorite, though. :)

Lisa said...

These are released tomorrow morning where I live - ill b e there at 9am. fingers crossed I get a set :)

Never Enough Nails said...

I hope you got them Lisa! They went fast here and online.

I think my favorite is Mean and Green right now too Zara. But I haven't worn the others as a full mani yet!

Kathrin said...

I just love theese polishes. Need to get Mean&Green soon.

Never Enough Nails said...

Are they still available where you live Kathrin? I did hear some counters were getting more in stock.