October 21, 2010

Nail of the Day: China Glaze Medallion

China Glaze Medallion, with flash

Wow... I have been so busy that I have completely been neglecting this blog! Blahhh!!! Sadly, I don't even have time for a super long post today. But I promise, I have a really cool idea for a Halloween mani that will be posted Saturday night, so don't leave me!

China Glaze Medallion, no flash

Today I have some new pictures of a polish that has been discussed here on Never Enough Nails multiple times. But I thought it needed better pictures, so here's two coats of China Glaze Medallion! It looks best with three coats, but really I just didn't have the time today.

China Glaze Medallion, no flash

Honestly that China Glaze 50 Specialty Colors glitter collection was ahead of the trend. It's a great collection and still fits right in with nail trends now. Check it out on 8ty8 Beauty.


JQ said...

That is super pretty.

Never Enough Nails said...

It's one of my favorites JQ!