October 28, 2010

Costume Party Nail Art Look!!

If you couldn't tell, I'm preparing for another huge dance competition. I apologize for the complete lack of posts. I really have been basically dancing and sleeping. My nails have been bare more often recently than they have been in the past two years.

I didn't want to do the typical black nail with the nail art spider web, so I do have a twist on that nail look for you today that is definitely not work/everyday appropriate. This is a Halloween costume party look! I am definitely rocking this Halloween night. It would go perfectly with a witch, vampire, or maybe a mummy costume. All you need is one polish color and a bag of those fake spider webs.

For this crazy spider web look, I did two coats of Color Club Dark Romance (a black creme from last year's Halloween set). After that dried, I applied a thick coat of top coat. While the top coat was still wet, I placed the spider webs on the nail. After the top coat dried, I trimmed the webs to my desired length. This would look cool with white polish or blood-red polish too!

For another version of this look, I think it would be cool if you attached the spider webs to your nails, but then brought them back over your hand and attached them to your wrist with some false eyelash glue. This would be the perfect nail look for a witch costume.

So tell me- what are you being for Halloween???


JQ said...

They kinda look like a Witch's 'smoking guns'. Yaknow?

Skulda said...

It looks like smoke coming off the fingers. Definitely interesting.
I don't think I could handle having something itchy on my fingers though. I'm probably go to brush my hair from my face and make my face itchy :P

Jamie(the amazing) said...

woww!! i love the spider web look! i am being tinkerbell for halloween.. she is my favorite disney character:):) im wearing china glaze In the Lime Light(a neon green creme) wuth my costume and cannot wait!
P.S sooo sorry i havnt posted in foreverr!!!

goose! said...

^lol jamie, you crack me up. but i love this!!

Unknown said...

Very imaginative :)

Never Enough Nails said...

I have to admit this look got some weird looks on Halloween as I reached in to the candy bowl when Trick or Treaters arrived! LOL. Jamie, I love Tinkerbell with CG Lime Light! Good idea!

Skulda- these cobwebs were actually kind of soft. I know what you mean, but I didn't get to annoyed actually! It was fun for a night anyway!

Pretty said...

i've neer seen anything like this.. i love it..
smoke/spiders..old lady... awesomeness

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Pretty! It was definitely fun to wear!