August 13, 2017

My Picks from OPI Fiji Spring/Summer 2017!

*Purchased by me*

Happy Sunday evening everyone! Hope you had a good weekend and are ready for the week ahead. I'm trying to finish up swatching summer colors before getting into fall, so today I have the polishes I picked from OPI Fiji. OPI's spring and summer collections this year were a little lackluster for me, so I only got 4 from Fiji and 2 from California Dreaming. I am always a sucker for a pale baby blue (no matter how many I own!), so my first choice from Fiji is OPI Suzi Without a Paddle. This is a nice option if you are also a fan of this light blue shade. This kind of pastel blue is always great in the summer or spring.

This is two coats and the formula was very nice! Good pigmentation and pretty even for a pale shade like this. It was self-leveled extremely well, so that was helpful too.

I did a couple of comparisons and Suzi Without a Paddle actually seems more unique than I originally thought. Let me know if you have others you'd like to see it compared with, but it is more turquoise and more saturated than OPI It's a Boy! and more blue, less green, than OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise. It's less murky than Eternally Turquoise too, more clean looking.

OPI Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet is a bright yellow sunshine creme. It's a pretty straightforward yellow, no brown or orange undertones. It's a real primary color yellow, not at all pastel.

This is three coats. It was pretty good for a yellow, but I'd love to see it look like this in two coats. I do love bright yellow cremes though, so I'll put up with it for the pretty color!

If you already own OPI My Twin Mimmy, you can probably pass on Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet. They are extremely similar or maybe even the same. OPI Good Grief! is a bit darker and has a slight brownish undertone to it. It feels more like a murky yellow, rather than the bright clear yellow like Mimmy and Exotic Birds.

OPI Polly Want a Lacquer? is a GREAT color!! I am really excited about this one actually!! It's a real true lavender creme, not pink leaning or blue leaning, just a perfect lavender. It would seem that lavender would be easy to find, but I actually don't have anything like this! A lot of so-called lavenders are either too pink or very cool, almost grey looking, but not Polly Want a Lacquer?. 

This is only two coats, yay!!!!!!!! There appears to be a little streaky situation on my middle nail, but I didn't even notice that until looking at these pictures. In person it seemed very even and nicely pigmented. I don't have my purples on swatch sticks yet, but just looking through my drawers, everything seems too grayish or too pink. If you have any requests for comparisons, please let me know.

OPI Is That a Spear in Your Pocket? is a gorgeous summery teal creme. OPI calls it a "lush tropical teal". Ahhhhh.... lush tropical teal sounds so relaxing and this color definitely makes me relax. 

This is two coats and the formula was excellent. Perfect application and consistency. I had no staining when I removed the swatch, but I have not worn this as a full mani so not sure how that will go.

 I thought for sure that this would be a dead on dupe for Amazon... Amazoff, but it is not! Spear is decidedly more blue-leaning than Amazon.

If you haven't already picked up these colors, you can find the OPI Fiji collection at Ulta,, and other salons.

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