August 27, 2017

The Latest Lynnderella Goodies!

*Sent for review*

Lynnderella Fridays have gotten off track lately. It seems I always have something going on making me unable to post then, so I decided today to just post the most recent goodies for you even though it's Sunday 😉. The feeling of fall is starting to creep into the air here, and Lynnderella Fall Preview 2017 is the perfect polish to kick off the season. The rusty orange holographic base is speckled with purple flakes and has a pinky glow to it at certain angles. I love the combination of copper and violet, it's unique and really works well!

This is two easy coats of Fall Preview 2017. It was nicely opaque and the perfect consistency. I did use two layers of top coat for extra shine and smoothness.

Lynnderella Flakepourri is a gorgeous flakie-filled topper with a variety of color-shifting flakes and beautiful iridescent shimmer. This would be a fantastic topper over just about any color you can imagine. I used it over OPI Suzi Without a Paddle for these pictures. There are some teeny flakes in here, but also some really cool super large flakes that really catch the light.

This is just one coat of Flakepourri over the OPI, so you get a good amount of flakes with only one coat. It applied very well, great formula! I used regular brushstrokes and didn't have to do anything special to get the big flakes on the nails.

I also compared Flakepourri to Lynnderella Candy-Coated Unicorn. In this picture, I have one coat of Flakepourri over black on my middle and pinky nails, and one coat of Candy-Coated Unicorn over black on the other two. You can see the flakies are different and the shimmer is very different in these two flakie toppers. Both are gorgeous!

This polish is a very special one for me. I love to collect any egg-themed Lynnderellas and there was one similar to this posted for sale in the Lynnderella fan group on Facebook. I was admiring it, but was too late to the party and someone else purchased it. However, a mysterious and generous member of the group sent this to me shortly after!! The Lynnderella fan group is the best nail polish group I belong to and I so appreciate everyone there. If you would like to join, please message me and I will set up an invite. This gorgeous egg-themed mystery has assorted yellow glitters, white glitters and sparkly holo shimmer in a clear base.

This is one coat of the Egg mystery polish over OPI Is That a Spear in Your Pocket?. It was easy to apply and has a lovely consistency.

These and other gorgeous Lynnderella polishes are available now at,, and

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