July 31, 2017

Gorgeous Cosmos Ayurda Collection Swatches!

*Sent for review*

Hi all! Today I have some lovely polishes from a new to me indie brand called Gorgeous Cosmos. Gorgeous Cosmos is based in India and their polishes are all 5-free! I have six polishes from the Ayurda collection, a group of highly pigmented cremes. The Ayurda collection contains "a special blend of the following herbs and oils: Argan oil Jojoba oil Almond oil Olive oil Tamanu oil Sesame oil Rosemary extract Bhringaraaja (Eclipta prostrata) extract Brahmi (Centella asiatica) extract Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) extract". Sounds great for nail health! My absolute favorite of the six I received is the Teal Ayurda, it is the most perfect shade of teal, like gentle tropical waters. It's a really unique shade of teal, one that I've actually been looking for for a long time. I find that most polishes this shade are not pigmented enough for what I'm looking for, but no worries with that here.

All of the polishes in this collection are highly pigmented. Most could be done with one careful coat. I did use two coats in my swatches, simply because I can't help myself from applying one more coat. But they are opaque in one coat for sure. I think the second coat just smoothed everything out and looked more lush. The formula on these is a little on the thicker side, but not problematic. All swatches have one layer of quick dry top coat on top.

Next up is Blue Ayurda, such an incredible shade of pure sky blue. If this shade of blue doesn't make you happy, you got issues 😉. It's a really stunning slightly deeper than Robin's Egg blue. It's such a saturated color too, it really pops without being chalky or neon.

This is two coats, but again, you could do one coat. These polishes are very pigmented!!

Peach Ayurda reminds me of the color of Peach Ring candies, not the yellow part, but the darker pinky color. Aaaaaaand now I want Peach Rings... This is a great pink creme with hints of peach, almost leaning into a pink coral territory.

This is two coats as well. This one wanted to flood my cuticles a little bit, so clean up might be needed. Very opaque and saturated with pigment.

Mauve Ayurda is a gorgeous light grape purple creme. You know I am a purple lover, so this one makes me swoon. This is a fantastic shade of purple and if your collection is lacking a shade like this, you need this for sure!

This one really did not need the second coat, it was perfectly pigmented, smooth and lovely in one coat. Love it!

Sunshine Ayurda is the color of the bright yellow sun. So cheery and perfect for summer! This is the perfect primary yellow and would be great as a base for nail art of some sort!

This is the only one in the collection that really could have used two coats. The second coat just evened it out, but that is pretty standard yellow polish behavior. It is very pigmented like the other colors and the formula is on the thicker side as well.

Last but not least is Pink Ayurda. This is the perfect Barbie fuchsia pink creme. A little bold, a little dash of purple to keep it interesting, just my type of pink. Reminds me of the Barbie Dream Car I wanted when I was four and never got...

Two coats again and lovely application on this one. Loving the bold pigmentation in these.

There is also a 7th color in the Ayurda collection that I didn't get, a very cool bright green. These colors are all so rich in pigment, I think they would be perfect for stamping and water marbling. Look out for a future post in which I test that theory!

Check out Gorgeous Cosmos polish at http://www.gorgeouscosmos.com/index.php, Instagram, and Facebook!

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