July 20, 2017

New Sally Hansen Color Therapy Shades!

 *Sent for review*

The Sally Hansen Color Therapy line is really fantastic, if you haven't yet tried it. It's patented argan oil formula moisturizes your nails as you wear it and I do see an improvement in the texture of my nails when I wear it without base coat for a few days. There are some new shades in the line and I have a couple of them for your today. Sally Hansen Reflection Pool is a gorgeous green-blue shimmer. It looks like a normal teal in the bottle, but it really has a great green flash to it, almost like a blue with duochrome green. It also looks like a touch of golden shimmer is living in this pool! This shade is just beautiful and screams summer day at the beach to me.

This is just two coats of Reflection Pool and the application was perfect. Very easy and smooth. I used one coat of the Sally Hansen Color Therapy top coat and it was nicely shiny. It's not marketed as a quick dry top coat, but I find it to be very fast. Maybe not as fast as Seche Vite or Glisten & Glow, but still a very respectable drying time.

Sally Hansen Haute Springs is a nice crimson red creme. It's a great, rich-looking red, perfect for any red lover out there.

This is two coats of Haute Springs. The formula was a little on the thinner side, so I just had to make sure not to load the brush up too much to avoid pooling at the cuticles. I used one layer of Color Therapy top coat.

Sally Hansen Slicks and Stones is a vampy eggplant purple with pink and gold flecks glowing from within. The pink and gold flecks really pop out in the sun, but when I took these pictures, sun was lacking a bit! I can still see the flecks in all lighting conditions though, they don't disappear in low light. 

This is two coats again and the formula was very good. Nice and smooth, with great pigmentation. Topped with the Color Therapy top coat.

These pretty polishes are available now at a drugstore or Target near you! For more information on where to buy, visit https://www.sallyhansen.com.

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