April 17, 2017

My Picks from China Glaze Spring Fling 2017!

 *Purchased by me*
Happy Monday 😐. I had a three day weekend and now am not into starting this week! Today I have my two picks from the China Glaze Spring Fling collection. Spring is not my favorite polish season, so the collection as a whole wasn't too exciting to me. However, I really like the two I picked up! China Glaze Too Much of a Good Fling is a mint green creme. I think it's a little more green leaning than my pictures show, the top picture is the most accurate. It does have some blue tones to it though, it's not like a spearmint green. I have a burning need to purchase every mint green creme ever, so I love this, of course, but it's not really a ground-breaking polish color.

This is two coats and it was nice and easy to apply. Some mint cremes can need three coats, or be streaky or patchy. If you are in need of a mint green creme with a better formula, I would definitely recommend this one!

My second pick from this collection is China Glaze Don't Teal My Vibe. Don't Teal My Vibe is a glowing teal shimmer. It's nicely balanced between blue and green, so really deserving of it's teal moniker. Again, I am not really sure that this is a totally unique shade, but I do like it and it's lovely for spring.

This was also two coats. It is a little brushstroke-y, but I think that is more obvious in the pictures than in person. In person, the glow-y shimmer sort of blinds you to the brushstrokes.

I may also pick up Crushin' on Blue from this collection. It looks like a relative of my beloved China Glaze Frostbite, so I may cave on that. Other than that, I think the other shades are a skip. Did you pick up any Spring Fling shades yet or do you have any you are eyeing?

The China Glaze Spring Fling collection is available now at Ulta online.

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