January 5, 2017

Zoya Naturel 3 Swatches!!

 *Sent for review*

January is my absolute least favorite month. I hate when the holidays are over, it's cold, the weather is gross, and it gets dark SO early. I try to look for little ways to lift my mood during this dark, dreary month, and happily, Zoya released this year's Naturel shades for me to enjoy! Zoya Naturel 3 offers cozy-looking neutral shades to help you transition from winter nail polish colors to spring shades. Aside from the great selection of colors here, look at these gorgeous Zoya boxes!! Aren't they so beautiful? And you don't have to worry about taking the polish out of the box to see which color it is, thanks to this nifty little opening in the bottom.

The first polish I tried in this collection was the lovely Zoya Debbie. Zoya Debbie is a chocolate-y plum creme. This shade is almost equal parts purple and brown, it's a really nicely balanced mix of the two hues. It's much more interesting than your standard brown creme, but still sophisticated and polished looking. In the month of January, I am still pretty much in winter nail polish mode, it's just too dreary around here to think of spring. Debbie fits the bill and makes me feel as cozy as a cup of hot chocolate.

This is two super easy coats. It was nearly a one-coater, some of you may find one coat to be just right. The formula was perfect and I didn't even need to do any clean-up! It was fairly shiny on it's own, but I did use one layer of Formula X Top Coat for all of the swatches in this post.

Zoya Jill is a really interesting mauve nude creme. This is not your grandmother's mauve, this is definitely an update on the color with a hint of edge. Zoya Jill has a dusty feel and a healthy dose of taupe/brown tones makes this a neutral shade. I like this shade a lot, even though it gave me some lobster hands... I am still going to wear it!

This is two coats. All of the polishes in this collection were so lovely to work with. There really wasn't a bad one in the bunch. They were nicely self-leveling and very opaque.

Zoya Gina is a described as a "medium brown neutral cream". This is a lovely brown creme with some yellow undertones. Zoya Gina is rich looking and a great neutral if you want a brown that isn't super dark.

This is two coats of Gina, but it could probably be a one-coater depending on your application. Great formula like the others!

OK this one is my favorite of the color and quite possibly my favorite neutral creme ever. Zoya Tatum is a light creamy warm nude. It's a yellow-toned neutral, which I always prefer on myself over pink toned neutrals, but it's sometime hard to find a good pale yellow-toned neutral. Zoya Tatum fits the bill and reminds me of vanilla ice cream mixed with some caramel sauce. Yum!

The other thing that makes Tatum my favorite? This is two coats! Totally opaque, absolutely no streaks at all, it's just gorgeous! I have a polish that is a similar shade to this and I've always like the color, but the other one is so streaky and such a pain to apply. What a treat to have a neutral creme this pale and have it apply so nicely!

Zoya Mary is another medium brown creme, but this one contains some purple-y raisin tones, rather than the yellow tones in Gina. It's a nice milk chocolate with a hint of mauve-y plum. 

Two coats again here and same great formula.

Finally we have the lovely Zoya Cathy, a "light pinky nude creme". Zoya Cathy definitely has some pink tones, but I also see some hints of peach. I think those peach notes will make this flattering on some warmer skin tones too. It's a nice classic camel shade with a pink and peach twist. Safe for work, but not boring!

This is two coats. Like Tatum, I think I may have a similar shade somewhere in my collection, but I know it doesn't apply as flawlessly as this! Lighter neutrals can be a pain to work with, but not these. Not streaks, amazingly pigmented! And no clean-up needed!

*Sent for review*

My favorites of this collection are Tatum and Debbie, but you can't go wrong with any of these shades. If there are some calling your name, don't hesitate. These all apply beautifully and give me that cozy feeling I am looking for at this time of year. If you want to expand your neutral wardrobe, look no further than Zoya Naturel 3! I have the lipsticks to review for you as well very soon. Based on my first glance, they are lovely too!

The Zoya Naturel 3 collection is available now at zoya.com.

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