January 13, 2017

Zoya Naturel 3 Lipsticks, Swatches & Review!!

 *Sent for review*

Happy Friday readers!! I have swatches of the new lipsticks from Zoya Naturel 3 for you today! If you haven't tried Zoya lipsticks yet, you should definitely include one in your next order. I have tried a couple now and really love them! The formula is unscented and unflavored, so it is great for anyone with sensitivities to some of the overpowering lipstick scents. The Zoya Perfect lipsticks feel so comfortable on my dry lips, very creamy, yet lightweight somehow. Despite the creamy feel, I don't find them to slide around off of your lips at all. 

These pictures are left to right- Zoya Cameron, Zoya Paisley, Zoya Maxwell.

(Bear with me on the lip swatches, I am no beauty blogger and it is winter so my lips are like lizard skin currently.) Zoya Cameron is a light nude cream. It is pretty light, even for my skin tone, but it has a nice warmth to it that prevents it from being corpse-like. I love a good nude lip with a smoky eye, so I will definitely be wearing this often. I used MAC Boldly Bare liner with this one and it was a good combo.

Zoya Paisley is a really nice blush rose cream. It offers a nice flattering dose of color, but still looks like a natural shade. I think this one will be flattering on most skin tones. I like lipsticks like this for daily wear, a nice pop to deepen your natural lip color. This kind of color just makes me look healthier and less tired! I used MAC Rosy Rim lip liner here and it went perfectly with Paisley. I just need to learn how to line my lips better....

Zoya Maxwell is a deep vampy red plum. It has more of a satin matte finish than the other two and also has some glitter flecks in it. I found that I didn't notice the glitter flecks unless the light caught them in a certain way, but you could feel them a bit on your lips. I love this color, so bold and dark! I think this one is the most unique of the three here, due to the matte finish with tiny glitter flecks. I used MAC Just Wonderful lip liner, and it wasn't the best pairing, it was too pink. I will have to look around for something a bit better for this one.

Zoya Perfect lipsticks are available at zoya.com!! Remember, Zoya is having the four free deal right now- if you pay the promotional shipping charge of $15, you can pick four free polishes or lipsticks. And you can do any combination of polishes and lipsticks, so you can get three polishes and one lipstick just to try them out. This offers ends 1/16, so start picking out your shades now!!

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