January 10, 2017

NerdLacquer Aureate

 *Purchased by me*

Did you know that January is the most depressing month of the year? I did for sure, it's my least favorite month by far. I hate when the holidays are over and winter seems like such a long, dark slog. To counteract the gloom this week, I decided to wear the blingiest polish I could get my hands on- NerdLacquer Aureate! Aureate is a spectacular warm gold glitter bomb. Amanda from NerdLacquer describes it as having a "super fined grained bronze metallic base, gold glitter, teeny black specks for contrast and depth". Its so warm and bright and is just like jewelry for your nails. I got a ton of compliments on it yesterday.

Despite being very glittery, this doesn't feel too rough. I did just one layer of top coat. For complete smoothness, I would probably recommend two layers. Aureate was also very smooth to apply and unlike many glitter polishes, it is wearing very well so far. I'm on day 3 and it stills looks perfect.

NerdLacquer Aureate is not on the NerdLacquer site, but you can order it by emailing Amanda at info@nerdlacquer.com. I am hoping she will make a silver with the exact same finish, I really love this!! Also, my order came crazily fast, I actually couldn't believe how fast.

Check out more NerdLacquer at nerdlacquer.com.

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