January 27, 2017

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 68!

*Sent for review*

We made it to Friday again! Woohoo!! I have a seriously sparkly new polish to show you today. The stunning Lynnderella Palaver is described as "charcoal holographic nanoglitter with cyan, pink and bright green shimmer". This is a really unique grey holo super fine glitter and the different shimmer colors are visible on different angles and in different lighting situations. The glitter itself has a multidimensional look, it doesn't look like just charcoal glitter. It almost looks like silver glitter mixed with some teeny black flecks. This polish is honestly a lot cooler than my pictures are showing. The holo was so blinding, I think some of the detail of the polish is getting lost. I wore this as a full mani almost immediately after receiving it, it was SO gorgeous!

This is two coats of Palaver with one layer of top coat. It was nearly opaque enough in one coat, so if you do thicker coats, you may be able to get by with one. Since this is nano glitter, it's not that rough or bumpy, but when I wore this as a full mani, I did two layers of top coat. I just really wanted that extra shine. Lynnderella Palaver applied beautifully, very nice consistency.

Lynnderella Palaver is available now at http://stores.ebay.com/lynnderella-lynnderella. More Lynnderella pretties are available at lynnderella.com.

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