November 9, 2016

Zoya Enchanted Holiday 2016 Swatches!!

 *Sent for review*

The weather is getting a bit chillier, we're approaching mid-November, and I'm getting excited for the holiday season. I have been pretty excited for the Zoya Enchanted Holiday collection since it was announced and I think you'll see it didn't let me down! First up in my swatches is Zoya Saint. Saint is a gorgeous periwinkle with hot pink/magenta shimmer. The shimmer is pretty strong in person, I think it looks a little more delicate in pictures. The combination of periwinkle and magenta is stunning and I'm excited to see Zoya venturing into contrasting shimmer polishes.

This is two easy coats of Saint. It has a great formula and was a breeze to apply.

From one beautiful polish to the next, Zoya Olivera is a indigo based duochrome with strong green flash. Depending on the lighting, you can see purple,  navy blue, green, and even something like a reddish flash at times. Olivera is really interesting and complex, a must have if you love duochromes!

This is two coats of Olivera and it was very pigmented. You probably could do one coat, but the second brings out the duochrome. The formula was a little thinner, so just don't load up your brush too much or it will run into your cuticles a bit.

I am so happy that Zoya decided that PixieDusts had not seen their final days after all. I am not over them, especially when they are as beautiful as Zoya Alice. Alice is a periwinkle PixieDust with magenta and blue sparkles. This blue lavender matte sparkle is perfect for holiday partygoers who are tired of red and green, but it's also pretty perfect for any time of the year. This is the first polish I wore from this collection for a full mani. I needed a quick drying and easy mani this past weekend and this stunner fit the bill. If you are a PixieDust fan, I highly recommend this. If you are not a fan, I would still recommend this because you can use two layers of topcoat and have a smooth, sparkly mani!

This is two flawless, fast-drying coats of Alice. I could probably have done one coat, but I always think PixieDusts look better with two thin coats. They look more smooth and not lumpy that way. I love the ease of application with PixieDust polishes. I have said it in the past, but they are my "nail pajamas". I don't use base or top coat, just slap two coats on and go. I will get a lot of use from these over the holidays.

Zoya thoughtfully included two traditional holiday colors in the PixieDust formula, and I am thrilled with these two. I do like to wear red and green for Christmas week, so Zoya Lorna is a wonderful option for me. Lorna is a deep red wine colored PixieDust. This just reminds me of cranberry sauce, red wine at the holiday feast, berries on wreaths, and all things holiday. Lorna is nicely sparkly and more of a deep sophisticated red for the holidays, rather than a bright candy cane red.

Like Alice, this was two easy coats. Easy application and quick drying, love it! This will come in handy when I have to be at a party in 10 minutes and I still haven't done my nails!

The second more traditional holiday colored PixieDust is Zoya Elphie. Elphie is a sparkling deep emerald PixieDust. It's a jewel-like green and very rich looking. As I write this, I literally can't wait to have my Christmas tree up and be painting my nails with this while listening to Christmas music! Is it too early to start now? ;)

Not to sound repetitive, but this is two flawless coats. Didn't even have to do any clean up!

Zoya Waverly is a deep midnight blue matte sparkle. Like a velvety night sky, this PixieDust has a rich sapphire base with twinkly sparkles. This is another one that I will use a lot year round, not just during the holiday season. I love a good deep blue and having this color in a PixieDust formula is very useful! This will probably be the next polish I wear from this collection.

Like the other Pixies, this is two easy coats. I did a little clean-up with this one, but not too much. I think this will be a stunner with top coat too!

*Sent for review*

This collection manages to be everything I need in a holiday collection. It checks off everything on my wish list for holiday collection- red and green- yes!, sparkle- yes!, ease of application for those last minute outings- yes!, a few different nontraditional colors for when you get bored- absolutely! I am thrilled with this group Zoya! 

My top picks would probably be Saint, Alice, and Olivera, but I also highly recommend the other three. If I hadn't received these for review, I would have purchased all six myself. The collection is available now at, so run on over and pick up these gems for a little early holiday gift to yourself!

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