November 29, 2016

Dr.'s Remedy Fresh Start Collection for Fall 2016!

*Sent for review*

Dr.'s Remedy has three lovely new cremes and I have swatches of them for you today! First up is Dr.'s Remedy AMITY Amethyst, a smoky purple creme. This is one of those purples that has a good amount of taupe-y-ness to it and feels like a neutral with an edge. It's more exciting than a standard neutral, but is still appropriate for a wide variety of situations and some work place environments as well. This is a great color year round, but I especially like it for the winter months. It makes me feel cozy!

This is two super easy coats. AMITY Amethyst is so pigmented, you could most likely do just one coat, depending on your application. It was perfectly self-leveling and has a great smooth formula. I used one coat of Dr.'s Remedy top coat, but it was shiny enough on it's own.

Dr.'s Remedy KINETIC Khaki is a taupe creme with hints of green and gray. This is pretty much my perfect taupe creme. It's in that mystery zone- is it gray? Is it greenish? It's a really great neutral with some interest.

This is also two coats and again, if you do thicker coats, you could possibly get away with one coat. Application was a breeze. I used Dr.'s Remedy top coat for that extra shine, but again, it was fairly shiny alone.

 Lastly, we have a great shade for autumn and the coming holiday season, Dr.'s Remedy ALTRUISTIC Auburn. This rusty red creme reminds me of old tobacco barns here in CT. It's very warm and has both burnt orange and rust red tones. In person, I think it's a little more murky/dusty feeling than it comes across in these pictures. It has a more earthy feel.

 Two easy coats again! These really have a great formula and are so pleasant to work with.

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