November 11, 2016

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 60!

 *Sent for review*

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you made it through the week OK. I have a long weekend of work ahead of me, so Friday is not that exciting for me right now, haha. But I am very excited about Lynnderella Glimmerella Green! Glimerella Green is one of five new Lynnderella shimmer toppers. This is a gorgeous green shimmer meant to layer over cremes, other shimmers, microglitters, or whatever else you can think of. 

I used one coat of Glimmerella Green over one coat of black for these pictures. It was very easy to apply and nice and even going over the black. The shimmer is pretty intense looking with just one coat!

I also tried this out over OPI Thanks a Windmillion and the results are beautiful! I love this combo! I can't wait to layer this over tons of other colors.

Lynnderella Glinderella Gold is another of the new Lynnderella toppers. This is a mix of yellow and white gold shimmers. It's so pretty all by itself in the bottle, isn't it? I want to paint everything with this!

For this one, I thought I would experiment with the application a bit. On my index nail, I used one very thin coat over black. Middle nail is two coats and the others are one thicker coat over black. So you can vary the coverage depending on the look you're going for, which is nice. The formula was a little thicker than Glimmerella Green, but not hard to apply.

 I also tried Glinderella Gold over Lynnderella Williamsburgundy (a burgundy microglitter). It added a very cool golden shimmery look to the glitter, without looking lumpy.


Next up this week we have Lynnderella Cranfairy Wine. Cranfairy Wine is described as a"rich cranberry wine shimmerella with assorted small gold holographic accents, golden shimmer flakes and multishimmer". I already know for sure that this will be my Thanksgiving Day mani. It reminds me perfectly of cranberry sauce and turkey and feeling relaxed with family. I love the golden flakes, they pop perfectly against the wine colored base.

This was two coats and application was perfect. No problems or complaints. This looks super sparkly, but thanks to the smooth flakes and small holo accents, it is nicely smooth with just one layer of top coat.

The new shimmer toppers are available at and Cranfairy Wine is on now!

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