November 16, 2016

Sephora Aloe Vera Hand Mask Review

 *Purchased by me*

Sorry for the radio silence around here, but our regional Irish dance championships are coming up this weekend and it's been non-stop for the last week or so. I promise things will get back to normal next week and I have lots of goodies to post. Being so busy, I definitely haven't been moisturizing my hands and nails enough and they were showing the wear. I decided to try out this Sephora Aloe Vera Hand Mask last night to see if it would help. This is a one-time use mask, with disposable gloves filled with a moisturizing cream/gel. You simply slip the gloves on, leave them on for 15 minutes, and then rub in the excess product. The cream inside is lightly scented with a fresh scent. So did it help with dryness?

I think it did! My hands felt better immediately after trying this mask and for quite some time after using it. I plan to repurchase this mask and to also buy the other two varieties (Avocado and Argan). I have liked the Sephora sheet masks for my face and am very pleased with this hand mask as well. Next I want to try the foot mask!

Sephora Aloe Vera Hand Mask is available at and in Sephora stores.

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