October 20, 2016

Vapid Digit Dust for a Spa-like Mani!

*Purchased by me*

Hi everybody!!! Sorry about the long, unexpected blogging break! I broke a nail on my swatching hand really badly, then I was sick, and then crazy busy. But now I should be getting back in the saddle here. I plan to do lots of Halloween stuff over the next week and I have the delicious Zoya holiday collection coming up too. For today, I'm just dropping in with a little recommendation for Vapid Digit Dust. If you like to do a nail soak as part of your mani routine, you should definitely give this stuff a try! Digit Dust is kind of like a mani bomb crumbled up, which is nice because you can control how much of it you want to use. It is really moisturizing too, and the moisture stays with you for awhile too, it doesn't disappear the next time you wash your hands.

I currently have two scents of Digit Dust- Cherry Snow Cone (smells just like a cherry snow cone!) and Vapi-Birthday!, which smells like cake and vanilla and all sorts of yummy stuff. I am planning on ordering another scent, Drunken Punk'n. I have the nail sauce in that scent and it is SO GOOD!!! So I clearly need the matching Digit Dust.

Vapid Digit Dust is available now on vapidlacquer.com.

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