October 7, 2016

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 57!

*Sent for review*

Hi all, hope you are having a good Friday. I have some great new Lynnderellas for you today, so let's get started with Lynnderella Luna Is a Star!. Luna is the latest in the Goddess Series of polishes and it is a lovely blue-violet holographic microglitter with teeny holo silver stars and some micro flakes. I love the depth of this blue, it looks like the night sky right after the sun sets, when it is a little purple-y. The micro flakes add a nice flash here and there.

I did find the nano star glitters got buried under the blue microglitter. There are a lot of them in the bottle, so it was hard to avoid having them go on my nails on the first coat, so it led to a lumpy look in places. The formula was also thicker feeling than Lynnderellas have been as of late. It did feel nice and smooth to the touch with one layer of top coat.

Lynnderella Pink No. 227 is a "cool medium pink shimmerella with multishimmer and subtle tonal holographic microglitter accent". It looks so glittery and blingy, but feels and applies more like a smooth shimmer, love! This pink seems to have a touch of lavender in it too, always a good thing in my opinion!

This is two flawless coats, great formula!! It was super easy to apply and needed no clean-up!

This shade is SO stunning!! Lynnderella Yes, I'm Finally Over Blue! is a richly saturated ultramarine blue shimmer with tons of blue and purple shimmers. This looks more purple or more blue depending on the light, but it really glows in any light!

This is also two easy coats! It was very pigmented and could almost be a one-coater if you do thicker coats. Perfect formula!

I saved my favorite of this bunch for last! Lynnderella Vamplify is a "vampy shimmerella that features red and blue shimmers with multicoloured holographic microglitter accents". I like that this is vampy, but it really has a lot of sparkle and dimension too. It's a nice mix of a bit of burgundy, a touch of brown and a dash of purple. The holo microglitter really pops too (see blurry picture below).

If I didn't already love this, the awesome formula would have changed my mind. Two coats, super easy to apply and perfectly smooth with one layer of top coat. A++!

These beauties are all available now at http://stores.ebay.com/lynnderella-lynnderella. For other pretty Lynns, check out lynnderella.com.

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