October 21, 2016

A Halloween Lynnderella Friday!

*Purchased by me*

I have a special treat for this Lynnderella Friday!! I've been dying to have Lynnderella make me a custom polish for Halloween for awhile now and this was the year! I didn't have any real idea of what I wanted this polish to look like, but I sent her some spooky pictures and she came up with six options for me to choose from. Honestly, if I had the money, I would have had her make all six, they sounded spectacular! But in the end, I chose "Gold holographic nanoglitter with tiny accents in orange, black, purple, green and gold. Clear base." and Lynnderella All Hallows Gold was born! The name is perfect and the weird green-y gold is so amazing. I wanted the accent glitters to be what I consider "classic" Halloween colors- orange, black, purple, and green. Lynn chose the perfect shades of those colors to go with the gold nanoglitter.

This is two very easy coats of All Hallows Gold. The nanoglitter is really great for full coverage polishes and is smooth and shiny with one layer of a good top coat.

Lynnderella is always so generous and she included an extra polish for me, as well as a huge bag of amazing Halloween loose glitters (not pictured). The extra polish was one of my other options (my second choice) and it was described as "Translucent multishimmered white "ghost" base with scattered orange, black, purple, green and gold glitters". I haven't swatched it yet, but you can bet I will have it swatched before next Lynnderella Friday! I think I'm going to call it "Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus" ;).

*Sent for review*

Next up I have a new Shimmerella for Halloween, Lynnderella Pretty Ghouly. Pretty Ghouly is a perfect shade of girly pink, with a really cool ghoulish green shimmer. You all know I'm not a rabid pink fan, but I really love this. I think the spooky green shimmer adds some interest for me. The pink is a little short of bubblegum, not too sugary sweet, and should be pretty on lots of skin tones.

This is two flawless coats of Pretty Ghouly. It was a breeze to apply! I love Shimmerellas!

Lynnderella Pretty Ghouly is available now at http://stores.ebay.com/lynnderella-lynnderella. All Hallows Gold hasn't been released yet, as I just got my bottle, but it will also be available soon. More Halloween pretties are in stock at lynnderella.com.

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