July 24, 2016

OPI Infinite Shine Neutrals for Summer 2016 Swatches!

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I know this one took me awhile, but I finally have swatches of the OPI Infinite Shine Neutrals for Summer 2016! My trip to Florida really messed up my blogging schedule, but I am trying to get back on track for sure. First up we have OPI No Stopping Zone, a medium tan creme. OPI describes this as a "dusky rose", but I don't see a ton of rose in it. Maybe just a touch.

This is two easy coats. The formula is lovely and the coverage was perfect. I mostly like the Infinite Shine formula, I haven't had many bad experiences with it. The Gloss top coat really adds a great shine too.

OPI Hurry Up and Wait is a peachy pink toned tan creme, pinker than No Stopping Zone. It's like a blush, but still has a nice does of tan too.

This was three thin coats. The formula was good, I just had a touch of sheerness after the second coat, so I went with one extra.

OPI No Strings Attached is a very pale, off-white neutral. It's a bisque-toned neutral, with hints of almond.

This is three coats. The formula on this one was thinner and runnier than the others. It kept wanting to flood my cuticles, so just don't put too much on the brush when applying.

This salmon-hued nude might be the most unique in the collection. OPI Don't Ever Stop is an interesting mix of a neutral with peach and warm salmon pink, and a good dose of creamy white in there too. I'm not sure it's super flattering for me, but I really like the color a lot! Very pretty and spring-y feeling!

This is three coats and the formula was pretty good. It was a little uneven in places with the second coat, so I did a third. It was mostly opaque in two coats though, so you might be fine with just the two.

OPI Staying Neutral on This One is closely related to No Strings Attached, but it has more pink tones in it. It's an off-white with blush hints, rather than bisque/almond. But it's not too pink, so it's still very neutral, as the name suggests!

This is three thin coats and the formula is pretty good. I was surprised at how even it was, with such a pale hue. Coverage was good too. I like this one a lot!

In the category of least flattering neutral on my skin tone, we have OPI Can't Stop Myself. This one just gives me lobster hands like no other, haha. It's kind of a yellow-y peachy tan. I usually think yellows and peaches look fine on me, but this one maybe has too much tan with the yellow and peach.

This is two coats and it's a tad uneven, but opaque. I probably could have used a third coat to even things out.

Below you can see all of the shades on swatch sticks, so you can check out how they look right next to each other. I am slogging away with my swatch stick project and am nowhere near done. If you want any of these compared to anything else, let me know and I will do that for you!

I did notice that Staying Neutral on This One is a bit similar to OPI Stop It I'm Blushing from SoftShades 2016 (my bottle says Stop I'm Blushing, so that's what ended up on that swatch stick). Staying Neutral is a bit darker and more pigmented than I'm Blushing, but they are in the same family for sure.

Staying Neutral on left, Blushing on right.

What do you think about these neutral shades for summer? I like some of them, especially Staying Neutral on This One and Don't Ever Stop!, but they're not what I really reach for in the summer. Maybe in the spring!

The OPI Infinite Shine Neutrals are available now at Ulta and fine salons!

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