July 19, 2016

China Glaze Let's Jam

 *Purchased by me*

Hi everyone! Just popping in for a quick post about my NOTD for the past few days, China Glaze Let's Jam. I ordered some of the summer China Glazes awhile back, but am just getting around to wearing them. Let's Jam is a lovely purple with a violet blue shimmer. The blue shimmer is quite prominent in the sunshine and certain indoor lighting, but not visible at all in dimmer indoor lighting. I think this is a little brighter and less pale than my swatches show. I've noticed that a lot of swatches of this look different. I think it's because the blue shimmer makes the purple look like a different shade, depending on lighting.

This is two coats and the formula was OK. I applied thicker coats than usual, because the first nail I did, my first coat was thin, but very uneven looking. It's not difficult to apply, just maybe not the kind of polish that practically applies itself.

China Glaze Let's Jam is available at Ulta.com and Sally Beauty, as well as other salons near you!

I realize my posts have been sparse lately, but I've had a big week at work, so it will return to normal towards the end of this week! I have OPI Fall already, so swatches of that soon!

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