July 1, 2016

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 47!

*Sent for review*

Wooohoooo happy Friday!! Are my U.S. readers ready for Fourth of July weekend??! Any good plans for the day off? I think I might have some iced cream... Lynnderella Iced Cream Aqua, that is! Iced Cream Aqua is a new pale blue shimmery LE with darker aqua shimmer flecks. Lynnderella describes it as a "translucent pastel aqua blue shimmerella that features lilac and cyan shimmers with multishimmer and a lilac glow". This is totally unique in my collection and right up my alley!

 This was two coats, the second one was a little on the thicker side to offer more coverage. It has a lovely formula, very easy to apply and nicely even.

Lynnderella Funny Honey is a warm honey colored microglitter/shimmer hybrid. It is nicely holographic in the sunlight and the buttery toffee color should be flattering on a wide range of skin tones. It's not so warm that it looks brash, just nice and glowy.

This is two easy coats. Great application and formula! Because it is a microglitter/shimmer, it's pretty smooth with only one layer of top coat.

Lynnderella Tickled Blue is another microglitter/shimmer hybrid in a great shade of royal blue. It also has accents of red holo microglitter. It is perfect for Independence Day here in the U.S.! Tickled Blue has a companion shade called Red Letter Day. Red Letter Day is red holo microglitter with cobalt blue accents, so kind of like the reverse of Tickled Blue! I don't have that one, but I might have to get it.

This is two coats. It had great coverage. It was maybe a little thicker than some other Lynns, but not too bad and not hard to apply at all.

Lynnderella Mr. Ex is another new LE and I can honestly say that I did not expect to like this one. It has teeny micro bar glitters and I am usually not a fan of any bar glitter. However, I LOVE this!! Besides the teeny bars, it also has aqua microglitter and mini hearts. I love those dang mini hearts! The bars are so holo and sparkly in this that it really works for me. Mr. Ex is Lynnderella's first divorce themed mani, so if that's something you're going through right now, you can have a polish tailored to all of the emotions you must be feeling.

The best part of this- this is only one coat of Mr. Ex over OPI Sailing & Nailing! It was so easy to apply and get it to be evenly covered. 

These glittery goodies are available at lynnderella.com, the Lynnderella eBay store, and Lynnderella StorEnvy. Don't forget to enter my Lynnderella giveaway to win a $30 Lynnderella gift card and 4 amazing polishes!!

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