October 2, 2015

Lynnderella Glitteracy Program Fall 2015 Collection Swatches!

*Sent for review*

I have a really special Lynnderella Friday post for you today! The Lynnderella Fall collection, The Glitteracy Program, has arrived!! The Glitteracy Program has a great mix of polishes that feel so perfect for fall. First up is Lynnderella Uncommon Sense, featuring copper, rose gold and pink holographic and metallic glitters in a clear base with copper and pink shimmer. Uncommon Sense is the newer sister to one of my favorite older Lynns, Common Sense. Uncommon Sense has more pink microglitter and more holographic glitters in it, as well as some shapes (large circle glitters, yay!) that Common Sense did not have. I love both, but I think Uncommon Sense is even prettier!

This is one coat of Uncommon Sense over China Glaze Meet Me At the Mirage. It has lots of glitter, so I think you could wear it with no base in 2-3 coats. It was very easy to apply!

Below is one coat of Uncommon Sense over OPI Honk If You Love OPI. I love how Lynn's glitters can look so different by just changing up the base color. It's gorgeous either way!

Lynnderella Collect the Dots was made to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the famous Connect the Dots. Collect the Dots has circle glitter (woohoo!!), small bar glitters and lots of gorgeous multicolored shimmer. I love those round glitters, so you know I am loving this one!

This is two-ish dabbed coats of Collect the Dots over OPI Infinite Shine Lavendurable. This is really mostly just one coat, but I did go back and dab a few more circles on some areas I thought needed a little something something. It was easy to apply with dabbing.

I wore this awhile back over OPI Infinite Shine Eternally Turquoise and loved it, so I had to share this picture too!

Lynnderella Sentimetal is a very cool gunmetal grey with holographic microglitter. Lynn describes it as a gunmetal grey "multishimmer with assorted metallic and holographic silver microglitter accents". It has such gorgeous rainbow shimmer and the holo microglitter pops nicely too! This looks a bit darker or more iridescent depending on the light, so it's a pretty cool chameleon that way.

This is two easy coats. It is nicely opaque and applied very nicely. It is also smooth with just one layer of top coat. I like this multishimmer with some microglitter that Lynn did in this collection. All the sparkle of a straight microglitter, but easier to apply and more evenly opaque!

Yummmm! Lynnderella Hot Spell is like THE color I want to wear in the early fall. You know that it's fall, so you want to be wearing a vampy burgundy shimmer, but it's still sunny and sometimes hot out, so you want those holo flecks in there too! For those of you who don't love the texture of glitter, this is a pretty smooth shimmer polish, the holo flecks and little bit of red microglitter are non-gritty.

This is two coats of Hot Spell. The formula was really great! Opaque, great consistency and easy to apply.

Lynnderella Grows on Trees is described as a "blackened green multishimmer with assorted holographic microglitter and small orange holographic accents". The holographic glitter in Grows on Trees shows up really well in sunlight and brighter lighting, while in dim lighting, the orange glitter pieces really pop out.

I did three thin coats of Grows on Trees. It was easy to apply, maybe a little thicker than Sentimetal and not as effortless to get even coverage. I did use two layers of top coat on this one to make it nice and smooth.

*Sent for review*

There are four other lacquers in this collection and I have Fall for Jammy and Foliage on the way!

The Glitteracy Program collection is available now on lynnderella.com and lynnderella.storenvy.com.
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As always, if you're looking for a specific Lynnderella and can't seem to find it for sale, definitely email lynnderellalacquer@gmail.com and Paul can help you!

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