October 5, 2015

Two More Sally Hansen Designer Shades for Fall 2015!

*Sent for review*

Today I have two more Sally Hansen designer collaboration shades for you. For the first shade, Sally Hansen collaborated with designer Tracy Reese. Sally Hansen Yummy Yam is a warm butterscotch creme. Yummy Yam is a great orange-y yellowed tan that is very reminiscent of caramel sauce, or more like it's name, yams! It's an unexpected shade, but so perfect for fall, and it acts almost like a neutral.

This is two coats of Yummy Yam and it had a really great formula. It was easy to apply and control where the polish was going.

The second shade I have for you today is Sally Hansen Gold Glass. Gold Glass is one of the shades that was used in Rodarte's fall 2015 show and the nail look for the show was inspired by "translucent colors and the subtlety of watercolors". Gold Glass is a sheer golden honey yellow jelly. It's a unique shade, I can't think of anything quite like it. 

This is three coats of Gold Glass. It applied well and wasn't streaky at all, a miraculous feat for a pale yellow sheer!

*Sent for review*

Both of these designer inspired and perfect for fall shades are available now at drugstores near you!

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