October 7, 2015

ILNP Mountain View

*Purchased be me*

I have another polish from ILNP Fall for you today! ILNP Mountain View is a blue spruce green jelly with scattered holographic pigment and metallic bronze flakes. The base is a dark green with blue undertones. The holo pigment doesn't really make that super linear flame, but it does add lots of beautiful rainbow sparkle.

This is three coats of Mountain View. It does start pretty sheer, but builds up by the third coat. I think if it wasn't kind of jelly-ish, the bronze flakes would get lost in the base color. In the sunlight, I did notice it looks patchy in places, so next time I will try to apply it completely evenly. It was a little thinner feeling than I'm used to with ILNP's polishes. It did keep trying to flood my cuticles, so don't load up the brush too much!

ILNP Mountain View is available now on ILNP.com!

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