October 21, 2014

Zoya MatteVelvet Re-release Swatches!

*Sent for review*

I was so excited to hear that Zoya was re-releasing their famous MatteVelvets, from back in the heyday of mattes. Those were the glory days of OPI Suedes and matte top coats galore. When the Zoya MatteVelvets were first released, I only bought Verushchka for some reason. I think I just had spent too much money on other polish at the time. But ever since then, I have been wishing I had bought the whole set. I'm pumped to show you the re-released MatteVelvets today! The formula of most of these is pretty much the same, so I will discuss that at the end of the post.

First up is Zoya Dovima, a shimmering black matte. If you weren't around for the first MatteVelvet release, this formula is a matte finish with tons of beautiful shimmer. The shimmer in the matte finish polish creates a very cool kind of frosted glass look. Dovima looks like sparkling asphalt  in the hot summer sun. Gorgeous! This is two coats.

Boy, have I regretted not getting Zoya Harlow for years now. I am so happy to finally have this stunning shimmering fuchsia matte. Harlow is a blue-toned pinky purple with plenty of shimmer. Zoya calls it "wine", but it reads more pink to me.

This is two easy coats of Harlow.

Zoya Loredana is a gunmetal gray shimmering matte. The shimmer in this one looks chunkier up close, but like all of the others, it is totally smooth to the touch.  This steely gray is perfect for matte and gray lovers alike.

This is three coats of Loredana. It is the only one of the MatteVelvets that I needed a third coat for it to be completely opaque. The formula felt thinner than the others. It wasn't really problematic, just worth mentioning.

The lovely Zoya Posh is a shimmering berry red matte. This will be my go to for fast easy holiday manis this year. I am really excited to have this in my collection with the holiday season approaching. I get so busy, but I still want to look polished. Posh will be perfect for slapping on two quick coats and getting out the door.

Posh is a little pinker toned on my nails than it is in the bottle, but if you want more of a true red feel, I bet a third coat would help with that.

Ahhhh the stunning Zoya Veruschka! You can see why, if I was forced to choose just one MatteVelvet, I would pick this one. Veruschka is like smooth shimmering green velvet. Like the mossy carpet on a forest floor. Veruschka is still one of my absolute favorite Zoyas of all time and the re-release does not disappoint.

This is two smooth and flawless coats. This applied like butter!

I thought some of you might be curious to see how Veruschka 2.0 compares to the original, so here you are. From left to right- original version, re-release, original, and re-release. I think the re-release applied better and looks more smooth. The original version is ever so slightly darker, but not by much. I can see brush strokes on the nails painted with the original, but none on those with the new version. I am very happy with the color and quality of the new version. A++ Zoya!

Zoya Savita is another beauty I truly regretted skipping the first time around. Savita is a shimmering plum matte. The shimmer in the gorgeous purple base almost looks pink sometimes and the effect is so pretty. The purple hue is perfect for fall and winter, a bit deep and moody, but very obviously purple.

This is two coats of Savita.

*Sent for review*

With the exception of Loredana, these were all perfectly smooth two coaters. They are mattes, so they tend to dry quickly. Make sure you do just 3 brushstrokes per nail and let each coat dry completely before applying another. Loredana was just a little thinner and needed three coats, but it was still pretty easy to apply. Overall, I am so pleased that Zoya decided to release these again! It is one of the most exciting collections this year for me personally. My favorites from the MatteVelvet collection are Veruschka, Harlow and Savita. But I wouldn't want to skip the others either!

The Zoya MatteVelvet collection is available now at zoya.com


Ananka said...

These look really good and I just love the finish too :-)

Melissa said...

Veruschka and Savita are my favorites! Both are so gorgeous.

Never Enough Nails said...

Me too Ananka, so glad they brought these back!

Good choices Melissa! Those two are stunning!