October 13, 2014

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween 2014 Roach Busters and Glitter Palette Swatches!

*Purchased by me*

Every year, I anxiously await the first reported sightings of the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween display. I love to see the little tombstone shaped polishes and whatever other glittery goodies they have for the year. Sometimes, I feel like the polish shades are maybe a little basic, but Wet n Wild knocked it out of the park this year with Fantasy Makers Roach Busters! Roach Busters is a glowing radioactive yellow-green shimmer. It is super bright and the yellow shimmer is gorgeous! This is a great polish for Halloween, but I also love this for the summer. I also love how this year's cap has skulls on it, it makes the tombstone polishes even more excellent.

This is three thin coats of Roach Busters and there is a hint of VNL in some lighting situations. It's not bad though and the formula dries quickly, so you could always do a fourth coat. The formula was really easy to work with, just a great consistency. I didn't do any clean up in these photos, that's how easy it was to control.

This year's Fantasy Makers display also had an orange polish that I might go back for (even though I have a million oranges) and this Fantasy Makers Daze of the Dead glitter palette that looked too pretty for me to leave in the store.

The back of this palette states that these glitters are for face and body only and I'm sure you are not supposed to use them around your eyes. These are glitters in thick cream bases and I didn't notice hardly any fall out or glitter migration when I swatched these. The bases of these are very tacky, so it helps the glitter stay put. I just used my finger to swatch these, but the palette does come with a foam applicator. Below, they are swatched in direct sunlight.

Here they are in the shade. This picture is a truer representation of the colors. Look at the iridescent glitter in the copper one, so pretty!

Here's a picture that shows off the holographic glitter in these.

 *Purchased by me*

I don't know how I'll use the glitter palette, but it's so pretty I couldn't help myself. I got the palette and Roach Busters at CVS and I had some kind of a coupon, maybe 20% off, so both of these combined were super cheap and totally worth it! Remember that the drugstores often put the Fantasy Makers Halloween stuff in with the Halloween decorations, not the beauty aisle. 


Ananka said...

Oh my that polish is just killer! I love it :-D

Never Enough Nails said...

Do you get Wet n Wild limited collections where you live? This one is great!

Ananka said...

Only a limited supply and it tends to be older collections from a few years back. I wish we did sell this brand over here! Could be so cool :-D

Never Enough Nails said...

Awww that's too bad. They do have very cool stuff from time to time. Their eye shadow palettes can be amazing. You need a US mule!