October 30, 2014

Lynnderella Mickey Says Boo and a Black Kitty!

 *Sally Hansen Pumpkin Queen sent for review, everything else purchased by me*

I'm dropping in late today with a quick post. I REALLY wanted to show you my Halloween treat I bought for myself, Lynnderella Mickey Says Boo, but I have strep throat and generally feel like death, so I'll be brief. This is Mickey Says Boo over an unnamed Color Club mini black creme. The accent nail is Sally Hansen Pumpkin Queen with a little black cat face. I drew the cat face with a black sharpie and dotted on the eyes using AEngland Princess Sabra/Tristam's Eyes (it seemed appropriate!).

I LOVE Mickey Says Boo!! I wanted it so badly last year, but it was too expensive. I'm glad the price was reasonable this year. The sharpie kitty looked better in person, by the way. Here it looks kinda streaky, but it didn't in person (to my fever ridden brain anyway).

I have one more Halloween thing to show you tomorrow, and I can't decide if Mickey Says Boo will be my Halloween mani, or the thing I'm showing you tomorrow... Not that I'm going anywhere on Halloween with strep throat! Lynnderella Mickey Says Boo is not currently available, but I believe it will be around again on lynnderella.com and the Lynnderella StorEnvy.

Also, don't forget my Halloween giveaway ends tonight!!!


Melissa said...

Mickey Says Boo! is so cute. I love it!

Ananka said...

Nice polish, lovely glitter. And that little cat is so cute :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

Me too Melissa! I am so glad I got it!

Thanks Ananka! I'd like to do the cat again when I am feeling better and can draw a bit better haha!