October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween with Sally Hansen Salon Effects!

 *Sent for review*

Happy Halloween readers! I have another quick post for you today because I still really don't feel well. But, there are a few things I will ALWAYS do on Halloween, even if I am on my death bed. #1. Wear a costume for at least some portion of the evening. I don't care how sick I am, I'm wearing a costume. #2. Watch "Hocus Pocus" and yell "Amuck, amuck, amuck!" with SJP. #3. Have cute Halloween nails. Thankfully, Sally Hansen solved the cute Halloween nails thing for me with these Salon Effects nail appliques. Sally Hansen has four Halloween Salon Effects designs this year including this one "Hallowscene", "Skull and Crossbows", "Kiss My Face" (little lips with fangs!), and "Little Black Lace".

I'm posing in front of two pumpkins I spray painted gold and black last week. They look adorable! These Sally Hansen Salon Effects are pretty easy to apply. Just select the right size sticker for your nail, apply, trim to fit and file off the excess. I tend to over file (you can see below), but it isn't noticeable in person with this design.

The white part on these glows in the dark!! It glows really strongly too, I love it! 

 *Sent for review*

The only downside to these is that they don't typically last long on me. They can be removed by soaking in soap and water, so after I shower, they usually come off. But they are perfect for a one night event like Halloween or a Halloween party! You still have time to go grab these at a drugstore near you for whatever events you have going on tonight!


Ananka said...

This looks good!I like it :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

I loved these, they were really fun to wear Ananka! They didn't last long, but that's OK I guess!