June 7, 2014

Coca-Cola by OPI Swatches, Part 1!

 *Sent for review*

Today I have swatches of four of the new Coca-Cola by OPI polishes, a collection of nine limited edition shades inspired by Coca-Cola products. I'll have the other five up in the next few days. All swatches are shown topped with one coat of OPI Top Coat. Clearly I had to start off with the classic OPI Coca-Cola Red. This classic red creme was inspired by original Coca-Cola (my favorite soda in the universe). Coca-Cola Red is a true red creme, the kind that everyone needs in their polish collection. It's not orange based, nor is it too blue, just timeless red.

Coca-Cola Red has a flawless formula. This is two coats. It was nicely pigmented and applied like a dream. I had to go buy a bottle of Coke after swatching this, I had such a massive craving for it LOL.

WOW, you know my silver polish loving self is going bananas right now over OPI My Signature Is "DC". This silver foil was inspired by Diet Coke (the can is silver). I keep chuckling at the name because I know a couple of people whose signature drink really is Diet Coke. I almost never see them without a can close by. But back to the polish, this is the most perfect silver foil in my collection. I am a huge fan of silver polish, I've mentioned that a lot on this blog. I had a favorite silver foil (L'Oreal Silver Star, an old LE polish), but OPI My Signature Is "DC" blows it out of the water! It is pure reflective silvery goodness.

The formula is what makes this a stand out. It is nearly a one-coater. This is two coats, but if I had realized how pigmented and smooth it was, I probably could have done one coat. Unlike lots of other foils, there is no balding or patchiness when you apply this. It's so easy to control and any brushstrokes you see in the pictures are hardly visible in person. To top it all off, it dries quickly too! A++++!!! New favorite silver polish.

OPI Get Cherried Away is inspired by Cherry Coke. I do like a good Cherry Coke now and then, it's pretty delicious. Get Cherried Away is a pretty red-purple creme. If you're wondering how it compares to either OPI In the Cable Car Pool Lane or Casino Royale, it is quite a bit lighter and pinker than both of those, definitely not a dupe at all. Let me know if you'd like comparison swatches.

Get Cherried Away applied pretty well, just not as perfectly as Coca-Cola Red or My Signature Is "DC". It had a slightly thinner formula, so just be a little cautious around the cuticle area. This is two coats and the pigmentation was good.

OPI Today I Accomplished Zero is inspired by Coke Zero. It's a cool black jelly packed with red glitter. I always like jelly based polishes with glitter and red and black is a great color combination. I want to wear this around Halloween! I actually have never tried Coke Zero, is it anyone's favorite? Seems like a good idea... Coke with no calories! 

Today I Accomplished Zero was pretty easy to work with. I used three coats for these pictures, the black base is a jelly, so the first coat is on the sheer side. The jelly base lets the glitter shine through, so I don't mind! The glitter came out readily and spread out pretty evenly, no clumping together.

 *Sent for review*

Of these four polishes, my clear favorite is OPI My Signature Is "DC", but that's because I'm such a silver polish fan. It's funny, I know OPI Push & Shove was hyped up a lot and it's a totally different finish (smooth chrome vs. chunkier foil), but I prefer My Signature Is "DC". It's easier to apply, doesn't emphasize nail imperfections and lasts longer too! The other three polishes are lovely shades to add to your collection if you're in the market for a classic red, pretty red-purple or black jelly with glitter!

Coca-Cola by OPI is available in both nail lacquer and GelColor formulas now. Nail lacquer shades retail for $9.00 ($10.95 CAN)  at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, beautybrands.com, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, jcp Salons, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, ULTA and ulta.com.  The 10 Pack of Style mini pack will retail for $24.95 ($29.95 CAN). GelColor is an in-salon, professional service only. Prices depend on the salon and range from $28 - $38 for a manicure and $35 - $45 for a pedicure.

For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit www.opi.com. Follow OPI on Twitter and Instagram @OPI_PRODUCTS, become a Facebook fan, and share Coca-Cola inspired manicures using the hashtag #OPICokeStyle.


Ananka said...

Hmm these looks nice! I really like the silver - stunning and the last one too - interesting and a bit different :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

I like them a lot more than I anticipated Ananka! The silver is seriously gorgeous :)

Elizabeth said...

I don't just want this silver polish--I physically need it. How gorgeous!! ♥

Never Enough Nails said...

I can't even talk you out of that Elizabeth! You do need it! It's amazing!