June 17, 2014

Maybelline Ultra Violet

*Purchased by me*

Maybelline Ultra Violet is another Bleached Neons polish I picked up during the Rite Aid sale. Ultra Violet is a really interesting shade of pinky purple. It's pinker than a lot of pale purples I own, but more purple than pink! I apologize that these pictures aren't very sharp and crisp, the sharper pictures were not very color accurate. This was a hard polish to capture. It's a bit pinker than my pictures show still. It's kind of a bright shade, but much softer than a neon. Hence the term "bleached neons" I guess!

This is two coats of Ultra Violet and the formula is great. It's very pigmented and smooth. The first coat went on nicely with no streaks and was almost opaque by itself. I love this polish, it'll definitely be a staple color for me this summer.

*Purchased by me*

I love this shade so much that I mistakenly purchased two of them LOL! For some reason, I thought I didn't own it yet and bought a second one. So if you want a bottle, I'll be giving my spare away as part of a larger giveaway coming up soon! Otherwise, check your local drugstores.


Ananka said...

Wow this is so pretty! Hehe I've bought a few doubler of polishes by mistake as well! Lol :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

So nice I bought it twice ;)