June 30, 2014

SinfulColors Solar Flux

*Sent for review*

I am a huge lover of yellow polish and matte polish. For me, the matte trend never died. So imagine my delight at the new SinfulColors Solar Flux, a matte banana pudding yellow! Solar Flux comes from the Silk + Satin Collection for Summer 2014, featuring 6 demi-matte polishes with a "silk texture". Solar Flux is matte, but not completely flat. It has a lovely soft sheen to it that I really like. It's not quite full-on shimmer, but it's there and softens the look of the matte finish.

 For such a soft yellow shade, Solar Flux applied pretty well. This is three coats and the first coat went on a bit streaky. The end result is fairly smooth looking, not as streaky as other pale yellows. If you are not a fan of the demi-matte silk finish, you could top coat this for a great light yellow creme look.

*Sent for review*

I love this silk finish! It's especially pretty in the creamy yellow color. I also love that it dries fast and doesn't need top coat, yay for lazy people! SinfulColors Solar Flux and the rest of the Silk + Satin collection will be available exclusively at Walgreens in July and will retail for $1.99.


Ananka said...

This is a nice colour and I really like the finish :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

I like the finish too Ananka. I'm always up for slightly different finishes!

Naomi said...
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Naomi said...

Hey there! Wanted to add that I got Solar Flux and Real Teal from a Silk + Satin display at Rite Aid. So folks can keep an eye out for them there too along with Walgreens ;)