November 18, 2013

Nicole by OPI Modern Family Holiday, Part 1!

 *Sent for review*

Nicole by OPI has released five new Modern Family polishes for the holidays and I have three of those to show you today. This lovely cornflower blue shimmer is Nicole by OPI Late Blu-mer. In person, this has subtle iridescent glitter flecks that look really pretty in the sunlight. I haven't done a direct comparison yet, but I think Late Blu-mer is darker and richer than OPI Dining Al Frisco, if you were wondering. It's also much less brushstroke-ridden. Dining Al Frisco also lacks those cool iridescent flecks I mentioned.

This is two easy coats of Late Blu-mer. It was very pigmented and has a great consistency. This kind of frosty shimmer can get some brushstrokes, but they weren't too bad in person.

Nicole by OPI Aren't Families Grape? is a pretty cool-toned purple shimmer. It's definitely purple, not blurple, but the undertones are blue rather than red. It's a lovely not too dark purple shimmer.

This is three coats of Aren't Families Grape? and I wished it was a tad more pigmented. I feel like you should be able to do two coats of a color like this and be done with it. The formula was a bit on the thin side, but not hard to apply.

Nicole by OPI Spark the Conversation is a very cool holo silver square glitter polish. This is different from other holo silver glitter I own because every single piece is a little square! Cute, I like this idea a lot. The glitter pieces were nicely holo too.

You will definitely have to dab this polish on, as the base is pretty thick and the glitter doesn't want to go on to the nail that easily. This is two dabbed coats over Nicole by OPI Aren't Families Grape?. The application of this wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't impossible either. If you are a glitter noob, it may be harder for you.

*Sent for review*

Despite application not being a breeze, Spark the Conversation is still my favorite of these three. I'll have the other two from the collection swatched for you shortly.

Limited edition Modern Family Holiday nail lacquer will be available November 2013 for $7.99 each at select CVS locations nationwide. For more information, visit Follow Nicole by OPI on Twitter @NicoleByOPI and become a Facebook fan!

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