November 22, 2013

Models Own Golden Green Beetle Juice

I remember when the Models Own Beetlejuice collection came out, I wanted every single one of the duochrome beauties. In reality, I never ordered any of them! I recently got Models Own Golden Green Beetlejuice in a swap and it reminds me that maybe I should check out the others again. Golden Green Beetlejuice is a really pretty gold/green duochrome. It seems to be greener, less golden, than Chanel Peridot and other dupes, but I haven't compared them directly.

This is three coats of Golden Green Beetlejuice and it applied pretty well. The formula was a little thin, but it didn't cause me any problems.

The whole Beetlejuice collection is still available on the Models Own website, but I am not sure where/if these are still available in the US.


Lynn said...

Wow, this color looks so unique and beautiful, love it!

Never Enough Nails said...

Me too Lynn, I'm really glad I got this one!