November 16, 2013

Lynnderella Spam Vol IV, including my birthday mani!

*Some polishes sent for review. Please see end of post for details*

This edition of Lynnderella spam is extra special because it features my birthday mani, Lynnderella It's Raining Shaman over Illamasqua Load. My birthday was yesterday, but I still have this on right now. This is the first time I'm wearing Shaman, I can't believe how gorgeous it is. I was super excited when it came out because Lynn finally did a core polish with lots of yellow glitter!

This picture below is dark and makes my fingers look lobstery, but I wanted to show that some of the circle glitter is holo, as seen on my pinkie finger.

I wore Lynnderella Ghoul for Love long after Halloween was over. I feel like it's not too specific to Halloween. It's really a gorgeous mix of glitters for any time of year. This is two coats over OPI Houston, We Have a Purple. Ghoul for Love is also core.

This black and yellow treat is Lynnderella Hard Boiled, a LE polish from a few months ago. I am always trying to nab the egg themed Lynns and I was lucky enough to get this from a really amazing friend. This is two coats over OPI Take the Stage.

I liked Lynnderella Bed of Nails so much I actually wore it twice! This is the second time and it's over OPI Suzi's Hungary Again and OPI Call Me Gwen-ever. Bed of Nails is core.

I basically had a heart attack when I saw this LE Lynnderella Witch Fairy? listed on eBay with a Buy It Now instead of an auction. This was my mani on Halloween itself and this is two coats over Fantasy Makers Purple Potion. Witch Fairy? also comes with a bag of extra glitter and that bag contains BLACK CAT GLITTER!!! Glitter in the shape of black cats! I did not use it in this mani, as Purple Potion is so dark they wouldn't have shown up, but don't worry, you'll see those soon!

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*All polishes purchased by me except OPI Suzi's Hungary Again and OPI Call Me Gwen-ever*


mrsrexy said...

Waiting patiently to see mani with black cat glitter....

Reb Mintoff said...

It's Raining Shaman is amazing! It's BEAUTIFUL. I also am in love with Hard Boiled.. I'm torn between the two.. so pretty!

Never Enough Nails said...

I will definitely have it for you next week MrsRexy! My kitty is waiting to see it too :)

Reb, It's Raining Shaman is really stunning, it might be my new favorite Lynn! But Hrad Boiled is amazing too, you're right!