November 12, 2013

Two New Sally Hansen Triple Shine Polishes!

 *Sent for review*

I've been dying to try the new Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes since I saw the press release. They promised a lot of shine and I wanted to see if they'd deliver!! To see if they really tripled the shine, I first tried Sally Hansen Sparkling Water. Sparkling Water is a lovely deep blue-green jelly-ish polish with flake shimmer. It is very aptly named and does remind me of sparkling water, probably sparkling Florida water though, not Connecticut water LOL. These pictures all show Sparkling Water with no top coat, and I am very impressed with the shine.

One thing I am not impressed with here is the opacity. This is three coats and I can still see a fair amount of VNL. The polish itself applied very nicely and has that gel-like formula that I love, although the Triple Shine brush is similar to the Insta-Dri brush (large, flat and a kind of curved edge) and I know many of you do not love that.

Next up we have Sally Hansen Fanta-Sea, a mix of silver and aqua glitter in a clear base. I really wanted this to be a full coverage glitter, but I don't think it was really meant to be one, so I layered it over Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. I wanted to show it to you alone though, so that's on my index finger.

The index finger has three coats of Fanta-Sea alone, while the others have two coats over one coat of Silver Sweep. I was really wishing this would be mostly opaque alone, I think it would look best that way. As for shine, I did not top coat this either, and it felt pretty smooth, but actual shininess is hard to tell with glitters. There is always a lot of light reflecting off the glitter.

*Sent for review*

I like both of these polishes, but I wish they were both a bit more opaque. They were a bit lacking in coverage, almost as though they added some clear coat to get the increased shine. My favorite of these two is definitely Sparkling Water, it's so pretty that I forgive it for being a little sheer!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes are available in drugstores and mass retailers now for $4.99.


Heather Nixon said...

Gorgeous shades!

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

Marisa said...

These are really pretty!

Never Enough Nails said...

They are Heather! I saw the rest of the display last night in Walgreens and I'll definitely be picking up some more!

I think so too Marisa, are you planning on checking these out in person?