August 31, 2013

Born Pretty Store Neon Studs and My Best Nail Art Ever!

 Born Pretty Store nail studs sent for review.

I stink at nail art. I really do. But I give it a try from time to time when I get inspired because it's fun and it's just polish, so I can always take it off if it's terrible. But this time, I am so proud of this look, I think it's my best nail art ever! I received the new and awesome neon nail studs from Born Pretty Store, my source for all things nail art. These square studs come in two sizes, 2mm and 3mm, and a large variety of bright neon colors. I got the 2mm studs in a cool neon yellow-green, #8F. They seemed like the most obnoxiously bright ones from the pictures.

I thought these nail studs were so cute, I wanted to do a really cool look to do them justice. I started with a matte black base to let their brightness pop (KnockOut Cosmetics Flatte Black). When it was completely dry, I taped off a triangle on each tip using Scotch tape and painted that area with my favorite silver polish (L'Oreal Silver Star, but any silver will do!). I then put a drop of Poshe top coat on the back of each stud and placed one stud at the tip of each triangle. I topped the whole nail off with a coat of Essie Good to Go. I am still wearing this look now after 24 hours, a shower, dishes and various cleaning projects, with all studs intact.

If you look super close, you can see that the tips of the triangles are not all in the absolute center of my nails. But, the lines are crisp and from a bit of a distance everything looks really cool. I am quite pleased with this look, and I love these neon studs! They are much brighter in person, like your typical neon polish, and a flashy shade of yellow-green. Born Pretty Store also has a great neon pink and bright orange that I may pick up next. I'd love to cover a whole accent nail with these next, maybe with a couple of different colors.

Born Pretty Store nail studs sent for review.

These neon studs are available for $2.99 at Born Pretty Store. If you order the 2mm size, you get a bag of 200 studs, or the 3mm you get 100 studs, so this is a great deal. Shipping is always free and you can use the code ERJ61 for 10% your order. What do you think? Did I finally do a nail art look that doesn't suck?!?


Reb Mintoff said...

Love the design of your nails!

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Reb!

Amber @ My Nail Graffiti said...

Love all the colors together!

Ananka said...

This looks amazing. I really like the choice of colours :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Amber! I always like neons with black and silver :)

Thanks Ananka! It wasn't super difficult either!